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Finally got to sit in one!!

Sat in a Victory Red 1LT (VIN 2483) with an RS package at Mark Christopher in Ontario, California today. Not my dealer, but a neighboring one. I had my impatient ADHD-type son with me, but here are the highlights and my views.

Exterior - Although I HATE red anything with a passion, on this car it looks very nice. The wheels at 20 inch are perfect for this car. The tires, nice and wide. I was a little surprised to see where the gloss of the paint stops, thru the engine bay, in the trunk, etc. Man, that trunk is WAAYYYY small. But deep.

Interior - For a cloth interior, I was impressed. I am however glad I picked my color choice (Black) with the IOM Interior package. Sitting in the seat, I am 6 foot even. I didn't even have to adjust the seat. Someone before me might have been the same size, but that seat fit me like a glove from the time I sat in it. Although few have complained, I happen to LOVE the turret like look out the front window. It looked like a bunker. My 5'3" wife might have a hard time seeing over the dash though. The rear visibility, as many have stated, is definitely impossible. Wont be turning my head over my shoulder for lane changes anymore. My 7 yr old son fit in the backseat right behind me. But then he went right back to the saltwater fish tanks.

Electrical - The radio controls were actually easy to understand right off the bat, and the dash lighting and radio lighting was very nice. No ABL in this one, but no problem. Would have liked to have seen the 4 pack gauges, but no big deal either.

Engine - Because they were JUST opening, they ALLOWED me to start up the car on the showroom floor. I thought that was nice of them. For a 6 cylinder package, it has a GREAT exhaust sound. I can only imagine what the 2SS will sound like when mine eventually gets built.

Other - When I asked the sales manager about their allocation, she said 10, 5 for pre orders, and 5 for themselves. Their 6 Cyl on the floor is already sold at $5000 over MSRP, but the customer agreed to pick it up on May 9th after all the events are over. The 8 Cyls will be 8k over MSRP. When I informed them that there were at least 3 dealers in a 10 mile radius that were selling at MSRP, she kinda backstepped and said "well, uh, our preorders are at MSRP, but these dealer cars will be marked up, and will be gone in no time." At that point I took her card, thanked her, and left. And I threw away the card outside I also saw Cyber Gray on a Corvette. CGM was my first pick but the dealer wouldn't let me have it with an IOM interior unless I put a MAJOR deposit down. I settled with black, and I'm happy with the decision based on some of the members deliveries this last week.

Sorry I didn't have a camera to take pics, but I have a cheap work-provided cell phone and I didnt think to bring my Canon 5D. Just imagine Number3's first CTF car, only in production, there you go.

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Old 05-03-2009, 02:00 AM   #2

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Thanks for the report..... I am still waiting to get to sit in one.
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I sat in one today, head hit the roof. It had a sunroof, maybe there is a bit more hadroom without? I'm 6'2"
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Old 05-03-2009, 05:32 AM   #5
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Sat in one yesterday. Very comfortable and the cloth interior is nice. Even at 5'10" everything was in easy reach. Love the way the car looks inside and out. Definitely cannot wait to test drive one.
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What's the general 'rul-o-thum' on the limited market availability strategy?..
V6 = $6K to $16K?
V8 = $8K to $18K?
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Didn't get to sit in one, but got to see my first one today..WOW! IOM 2SS, awesome! It had just came in the night before. Even better than I expected! Salesman told me some things, though, that I know aren't right, such as the RS package is only available on the LT (BS), the Hurst shifter is aftermarket only (more BS), and the car didn't have ambient lighting, something about not being in production now. Either he is sadly misinformed, or he's got a line of...a mile long. He also told me that the price was $5000 over sticker, and he was going to wait til the price went down. To his credit, he was nice enough to show me the car, even though it wasn't prepped. There is no truth to what he is saying about the options, correct?
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