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Originally Posted by irpq11 View Post
I'm a caveman. Give me my V8 and 93 octane gasoline and leave me the hell alone. I'm not a scientist. What will be is what will be. This is the same scientific comunity who argues global warming and can't seem to figure out wether an egg is good for you or not. I hope it's all on the up and up and would obviously support it but every book is written with an opinion one way or the other.
im a proud cave man good post
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This is pretty cool if it comes to fruition. I think GM does matter and this is just one of the decent reasons. I've always wondered where all this E85 is at.... never once seen it in my neck of the woods. Maybe it'll start happening now.
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A few different people that I know that have E85 capable cars have tried "E85" and ALL have said that the lower price DID NOT make up the difference in lost MPG.

Bottom line is they were actually spending "MORE $$ PER MILE" running the E85 than regular 87 octane E10 !!

For E85 to be viable, they need to reduce it's price to where the average driver SAVES money using it. Hopefully with new technolgies (as mentioned in 1st post) will eventually bring the price down to where it is actually cost effective to run it.

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Straight from Mascoma's web site:

Lebanon, NH - May 7, 2009: Mascoma Corporation today announced that the company
has made major research advances in consolidated bioprocessing, or CBP, a low-cost
processing strategy for production of biofuels from cellulosic biomass. CBP avoids the
need for the costly production of cellulase enzymes by using engineered
microorganisms that produce cellulases and ethanol at high yield in a single step.
“This is a true breakthrough that takes us much, much closer to billions of gallons of low
cost cellulosic biofuels,” said Michigan State University’s Dr. Bruce Dale, who is also
Editor of the journal Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefineries. “Many had thought that
CBP was years or even decades away, but the future just arrived. Mascoma has
permanently changed the biofuels landscape from here on.”
In a recent Forbes article, biofuels expert Helena Chum of the National Renewable
Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, commented on CBP, saying “This is the golden
dream. All of the processes in one super-organism. That would be the lowest cost
possible.” A prominent DOE/USDA research agenda states that “CBP is widely
considered to be the ultimate low-cost configuration for cellulose hydrolysis and

The full .PDF:
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Originally Posted by LabRat View Post
Any program, that makes fuel from food, is destined to fail.


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