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those seats are disgusting...

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Those badges look awful on there.
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Originally Posted by CC Performance View Post
It's a dealer badged z28.. I don't see any big deal with a dealer doing that.. dealers customize cars all the time... Is it a licensed official z28 from GM ? No of course not and as long as they don't try and sell it as such people need to relax about it...LOL

WHAT I do question is 104 hp from a CAI and exhaust... do they have any dyno slips to prove it or is it that an estimate from doing mods and a tune

They are selling a customized car, I dont see the big deal or outrage about it.. Its a dealer version.. not licensed.. not sure its illegal to do that.. ?
This is what I was going to say. You could get that kind of increase from a turbo engine+tune and only then if you have turbo-back exhaust (in other words "total" aftermarket exhaust) and not just some stupid axle back or cat-back, but NA? No frigin way. Total BS.
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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
As DG said, "Z/28" is a registered trade mark of GM, so someone has created an "unlicensed" copy of the emblem as both a badge and an heat-stick embroidered emblem.

GM might be interested to know who that "someone" was...
that different though. after you own a car you can put whatever you want on it. now, if the dealer told you that it was a z28 it would be different, check on their site, it says 1ss. This was nothing but someone overexagerating and trying to get a bunch of S*&^ stirred up!
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Your dealer is trollin!!! HAHAHA!!!!
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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
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Is that dealer still in business?
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