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Cant wait to see Pete's response!
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If you want to max out the bars you run them in full soft front and full hard rear. That does not mean you'll always want to run them that way. It may be great for the road course in May, but not so desirable in the fall or winter when the grip of your tires drops with the the ambient temp. There are any number of reasons you would want to tune your bars to a course, to your tires, with various alignment configurations, wheels and tires, driving style...
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I forgot Pete is running a wider, stickier tire than stock. It makes sense with those tires, a softer setting would be required over someone running the stock tires.
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I haven't read through the entire thread but I would think that once your car is corner balanced the adjustements you want to make would be handled by increasing or decreasing the dampening.
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Originally Posted by Phat Ralph View Post

Here you go.......
  • Wheel and tire package details: Nitto NT-01 275/40R18 100AA, on TSW 18x9.5 wheels
  • Detailed list of powertrain modifications: Borla Atak Cat-back & CAI w/race scoop, DSS 1000hp Road Race axles
  • Detailed list of all suspension modifications: Pedder’s XA’s set 23F & 25R, 5mm preload on all springs. Front – Radius Rod Bushing Inserts, Steering Rack bushing, Caster Eccentrics. Rear – LCA Bushings. Hotchkis Chassis Brace and Strut Bar.
  • Current Alignment specifications:
Front: Caster Maxed out at 7.3
Camber is -1.9
Toe is total -.250
Rear: Camber was at -2.0 now just changed to -1.1

Toe is total +.125
  • Corner weights
Front = 1851 Left=973 Right=878
Rear = 1859 Left=938 Right=921

Total = 3710
  • Ride Heights Pedder’s Style: 648mm Front & 653 Rear, measured using 20" wheels.
  • Sway bar sizes and setting if adjustable: Pedder’s 27mm front on short/stiff setting with adjustable endlinks and Pedder’s ZL1 32mm rear bar with 10mm of thread showing on top.
  • RWHP: Stock at about 370rwhp
  • Brake Package including fluid and pad details: Stock with Pedder’s SS lines, HAWK DTC-60 Front, DTC-30 Rear, Motul 600 Fluid, Stock cheap rotors.
I'd like to do the same with the 18" track wheels because there are many more tire options. Are you running the same offset front and rear? If you can then rotating would get every last once of rubber out of your tires. Do you have any pics of the grinding that is necessary. Thanks Nice setup
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