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Originally Posted by SPARTAN sui View Post
Just hang in there, don't take to heart what some wise guys say on this message board, it really is a great place for tips and advice, however with thousands of members, you're bound to run into a few sour apples.

Btw, Walmart isn't evil, they're a corporation. They're not any different than Target or Best Buy. I worked for Walmart for 16 months and it was a good experience.
Originally Posted by SPARTAN sui View Post
Hey OP, don't worry, I recently had a bad experience taking my car to Tires Plus for an oil change. They put a quart too much in, I caught it right after they did it and they paid for that, an alignment, and my next oil change. I don't have much knowledge with motors, however I Like going hands on, so after my next free oil change I'll be handling all future oil changes. It's really easy on the V6 model, you only need ramps to get to the drain plug. Just a thought!
This !!!
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Aww thanks for the encouraging and helpful advice everyone!
Here's the picture of the victim of my mistake, lol.
& a picture of Cammy at the dealer, (yeah! I took a picture! It was torture leaving her behind, especially because it was my bad. I thought I wasn't gonna see her till after the holiday.)
At least she looked extra gorge as I was driving away....
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Originally Posted by TranbyDevilDogCamaro View Post
I think I'm over this whole thread thing. I get it. I
MESSED UP. My car still works, it's going to get taken care of, yeah it's a little bit of a hassle. Yeah, it was dumb. But seriously come on? I didn't come here for the negative feedback or the I told you so's. (I expected one or two since someone ALWAYS has to rub it in) I'm pretty sure this site has a few lovely ladies, but mainly guys but honestly its like I'm getting bitched at by a bunch of girls. If I wanted to get crap for this I would have posted on a mustang forum.

Hang in there! Don't let a few bad responses get you down. There's always a few in a large group. There's plenty of positive feedback here for you, concentrate on those responses. We've all gone to the wrong place with our vehicles at one point, and anyone that says they never had a bad experience is lying. You learned from it, that's most important here. I'm sure she'll forgive you!!
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Originally Posted by TranbyDevilDogCamaro View Post
No she's home, the dealer isn't authorized to clean up oil because it violates OSHA regulation so they recommended I go to a place called Llyods auto detail. So now I just have to wait. I just had to pay to replace my oring but Walmart is covering that too.

Any suggestions? In the meantime while she sits in the garage?
Just guessing at how "bad" the mess is, but I would try to get off as much as you can before the oil "bakes" on...They may get it cleaned up, but you don't want power/hot water/whatever blasted onto any electrical or dainty areas...
Also, I've heard of botched oil jobs where they get on the exhaust, pump out a lot of smoke and it ends up in the cabin filter, and smell inside the cab...Might want to think about changing that filter afterwards if you smell anything inside...good luck...

Side note...a buddy of mine many years ago fried his engine from a botched filter replacement...All the place that did it was responsible for was to give him a new if Wal-Mart is going the extra step to clean it up and make you happy, you're doing good...
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