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Thank you for posting about tip in and the control algorithm between the throttle pedal and real throttle. I believe both are correct. I also think that the Mustang has a different power band. Like I said, the camaro speedometer was indicating the same high speeds on an identicle route aggressive test drive.

I think that the 1le is the best value of any pony car out there right now. I also think the car is better built. The Ford tranny is enough reason to avoid that car.

My dealer said he anticipates no delays in getting one. I'm placing a order on a 1ss 1le in January.
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Considering the acceleration and speed of the Camaro and Mustang are similar, it's obviously just how it "feels". One car "feeling" faster than another, means nothing when they are both pulling a 13 second 1/4 mile.

Everyones perception of speed is different from vehicle to vehicle. So your perception of speed is irrelevant. It's a matter of which car suits your wants/needs or you simply like more. Your perceptions can and will change.

Besides, if the Mustang felt faster, but the Camaro was say 1/2 second faster in the 1/4 mile, would you buy the Mustang simply because it felt faster? No, I didn't think so. Not that speed should even factor into the equation.
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2cnd chance
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I get your argument, however personal perception "is" everything, right or wrong. But again, yes perceptions can change through experience and education.
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Norm Peterson
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Jim - The exact ultimate performance numbers only matter when you're actually racing. This holds true for measures of cornering performance as well as for acceleration.

When you're driving briskly but aren't quite racing, in cars of generally similar performance you'll just lean a little harder into the one with ultimately lower performance.

The rest of the time you'll drive according to the feedback you're getting. IOW, how it "feels" or perhaps sounds as opposed to the performance that you're extracting from it. This is where satisfaction on a daily basis comes from.

My Mustang is supposedly a mid-13 second car. I have had a 1995 Mazda 626 (V6, 5MT) since it was brand-new that might on a good day manage to get into the 15's. When I'm driving the Mazda, it really doesn't occur to me that I left a car with much higher performance sitting in the driveway. It's fun enough and rewarding enough to not suffer from comparison by the numbers.

I think that's what the OP is hoping for with the 1LE "zip", that it'll meet his definition of "fun to drive" in at least the matter of tip-in response.

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Also, my 4 year old thinks my Sierra Denali is faster than my wife's V6 accord. Why? Because my truck has flow masters. It sounds like I'm doing 100 when I barely hit 50. Her accord is dead quiet.

All of the senses work together to trick the mind. Ever been to disneyland/world? They have rides that take you for miles and never move more than a few feet. To your senses you flew all over. The mustang plays more on the senses than a stock SS. Just like people swear their car is faster with cat back exhaust when in reality you can't feel the tiny bit of Hp gained.
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Originally Posted by SUKXOST View Post
Chevy FTW. I'll let you know what I think in a few weeks :P The only Camaro I've ever test driven was a ZL575 SC'd version from SLP so I wont have a comparison to a stock SS but I'll give my impressions nonetheless :P
ZL575 SC'd version from SLP ,Very good car. Fast wasn't it.
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I understand both sides of the debate. I've had cars that felt "fast" or sporty even if they weren't. A '76 MG Midget for instance. It was just a fun to drive car. Everyone has their own reasons for a buying car. If the OP buys a Mustang because it "feels" sportier, so be it.

I'm a muscle car guy. I'm not particular to brand or model, so I'm not trying to push the Camaro as the "best" choice. Hell, I've considered getting a Mustang simply because I can get one for much less money. Anyway, some cars feel fast, but are slow. Others are slow, but feel fast. My point was just that your perceptions can change with experience in a car. But if that "feel" or "perception" is the primary factor in your car purchasing decision, then get whatever "feels" sportier.
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