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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
Add the ZL1 side skirts. They look better anyway.

Look Justice Pete over in the suspension section and see what he would recommend to make the 1LE even better. My guess is you should look at least look at adding some Pedders cradle bushing inserts to firm up the rear even more. Although, for the most part the 1LE should be ready to go right off the bat.
I think that the 1LE already has great handling, probably an increase on horsepower or torque or less weight, will make a great car better.
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Norm Peterson
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Originally Posted by Ozer View Post
I agree with you on CG-lock, but I don't get your point with the HUD. The whole idea behind HUD is to reduce distraction, not increase, and I can always check my speed on HUD driving at the track with my Corvette, while the real gauges are too far down below for me to look especially in corners and braking zones.
My point is that when you're on the track, you shouldn't be concerned with the items that are most commonly placed in HUDs. Of the itemized functions in the following list, there is nothing - I repeat, nothing - that you need to know while you're out on track. Other than the vehicle warning messages, they represent useless visual clutter and the potential for distraction as the values they display change slightly.

Camaro’s Head-Up Display will include:

* Vehicle speed
* Tachometer
* Compass
* Outside air temperature
* Manual Paddle Shift Gear Indicator (if equipped)
* OnStar Turn-by-Turn
* Audio functions
* Phone information
* Selected gear
* Turn signal indicators
* High-beam indicator signal
* Vehicle messages
That said, a pretty good case could be made for HUD of critical vehicle information such as if oil pressure, fluid temperatures, and electrical system condition fall outside their respective proper operating ranges. Just leave these dark until they're called for, which will make them all the more noticeable when it means that there's something you really need to be aware of.

I fully agree that continually looking down at the real gauges in the dash or console during a track session is just begging for trouble. It can be hard enough to do just once a lap depending on the time of day and track layout.

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Norm Peterson
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Originally Posted by Bosse'sBoss View Post
CG lock might be a good alternative. I don't agree about your comments on the HUD of the Camaro or Corvette. I think is a great technology achievement. You don't need to look away from your windshield while you are driving, that is a + toward safety. If you have a Radar Detector, you will not stare at it, while you are driving. Pilots of Jet fighters planes have the same technology, and they don't crash because they are looking at their HUD.
I'm not trying to say that HUD technology is a bad thing in and of itself. Only that as it is currently applied to production cars it is not appropriate to track driving. Displaying too much that you don't need to know = closer to "overload" whether you recognize this or not.

Radar detectors - I used to (but haven't for I don't know how many years), but you listen to them rather than look.

I suppose that if the prerequisites and training required before getting your driver's license approached the fighter pilot level, you'd have individuals with legitimate claim to the ability to focus on what is most important and deal with it properly and expeditiously. Most newbies to track driving can't claim anything like this, though.

I really only brought up that point about the IRS so you'd be more aware of suppliers that don't particularly cater to the Mustang world and who in some respects are probably a couple of steps ahead of the newer players. In part, this is due to the car's Australian roots and the aftermarket development that has been going on there.

Side note - the Mustang was a pretty easy decision for me, given that the Camaro and Challenger were both well off into the future at the time I was shopping for a car for me. Seeing guys like Sam Strano and a couple of DC Region guys driving them at autocross demonstrated the potential that was there better than any magazine comparison ever could. I've never really regretted it having a stick axle (and not at all at autocross or on the track), but if the 1LE as currently configured had been available starting late summer of 2007 the decision process would at the very least have been a whole lot more difficult.

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I actually keep an eye on my oil temp graph and corner entry speed on corners where I'm trying to improve myself to see if what I have changed (like late-braking, etc.) benefited; same goes for the corner exit, where I sometimes check for the speed on corners I am working on. Oil temp graph is also very easy to read, and when that bar looks way too tall, I check the real gauges at my next convenient time.

Honestly, more I attend track days, more I check my gauges instead of less. I do check tire pressures to estimate their temp (and bite when they are r compound) and discrepancies between left and right or front and rear, I do check oil temp to see if I am exceeding my 260F self-imposed limit, fuel gauge is also important in every 4th session, since I go through the tank in about 4 sessions, and I should not cause fuel-starvation at a high-G corner by mistake, etc.

Some of these gauges are available in HUD, and this makes life easier, at least for me.
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