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I want that exact car! Congrats
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2012 Mustang GT
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Congrats heck of a wait
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Wow! Great looking ride. Ten months, that's a long wait, and well worth it, she's a beauty! I'm still breaking mine in, and wow is it tough to keep it under 4,000rpm and a top speed of 80, and no stomping on it, and on and on. All the things you will be dying to do because that's what it's made to do. May be even tougher than the ten month wait, but a hell of a lot more fun! Just be careful with the colder temps, it takes 15/20 minutes of driving to warm up the tires, otherwise they slide all over the place. I put my first 100 miles in "touring" mode, then the next 100 or so in "sport" then I started the PTM modes. I'm using PTM 4 now, I think it's a good idea to do the break-in using all the mode options. I try for a least 100 miles, and then the next day or two days try another mode. Oh what fun it is, even if I still can't really put her through her paces, still fun jumping on or off the highway ramp at 75 and feeling the way she bites down on the pavement. Big difference in the PTM modes. Oh and you will love the heads-up display in PTM. Love the see the G's getting on and off the highway ramp. Fun Fun Fun.

Hope you went for the tire/rim warranty. Best money you can spend on these tires. Replacing my drivers front, a nail causing a very very slow leak. I'd be wicked pissed if I had to pay this out of pocket. I think you have 2 weeks to purchase. On one of the threads someone said dealer pays $210, their cost. My dealer asked $650, I countered with $500, but now knowing their price I would of said $300, take it or leave it, they only want to make a sale so they would most likely sell to ya for three. Even at four, heck I was happy at five, but I didn't know their cost at the time.

The ZL1 is one seriously badass machine. Congratulations and let the good times roll! Again, great looking ride.

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Originally Posted by Chevrolet Customer Svc View Post
CONGRATS! Please post the pictures when you can. We can't wait for your story.

Chevrolet Customer Service
Posted some pictures in the albums page. The title of my album is "Crystal."
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Congratulations!! Thats a beautiful car; good luck with it.
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Chevrolet Customer Svc

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Originally Posted by rjbuck View Post
Posted some pictures in the albums page. The title of my album is "Crystal."
Those pictures are PHENOMENAL! Congratulations once again.

Chevrolet Customer Service
For information on the GM Privacy Statement, please visit
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