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You will not see the DRL until you are moving with the car.
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Originally Posted by Normagene View Post
My DRLs are not working. Nothing/no lights on during the daytime. Work nites and when I unlock the doors one of two things happens. One; the halos and DRLs turn on or two; the halos and headlights turn on, the DRLs never come on during day light. No light switch position will turn the DRLs on at nite or during the day. For the most part the switch is left in the auto mode. Once in a while I'll turn it one notch to the halos and side markers during the daytime. Getting a new tire, it found a nail, so I'll have them check the lights. Probably wait till Friday, nor-easter coming in wed/thur.
try to find a flat surface and try this: leave your engine on in neutral with the e-brake down (disengaging the e-brake when the car is on is the trigger to turn on the DRLs in a M6). Your DRLs should be on. If not, there's an issue.
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