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I had the ZL1 since April and I love it! Everythime I drive it it makes me forget about all the worries - big smile on my face.
I drove the stock SS before and didn't like it. It's a huge difference between the 2.
I know yours is modded but I have turbocharged engines. You can not drive them as well as Supercharged as the power curve is not as linear. It's a bear before the turbos kick in and a bull after that.....The ZL1 is soo smooth and linear it's unbelievable. It has a lot of power adn warranty for everything. With the help of colder weather, i spun the wheels in 3rd gear today, on dry pavement in mode 2 (with traction control on). now that is a lot of fun.

The only debate in my mind is how much money you'll lose and if you can do it. The ZL1 will keep its value much better than a modded car though.
good luck
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2010 SSRS

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Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
You'll need a wider angle lens for you sig.
Jannetty Racing JRE Street Package
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Nailn it
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Originally Posted by Jay_ray23 View Post
Im thinking of doing the same thing BLK_SS, i have a 2010 SS/RS modded to 625 rwhp but its just something about the zl 1 i cant get it out my head lol. Im just worried i wont get much for my car trading it in due to the mods.
I had a heavily modded 2012 ss. Took supercharger, headers etc off. Put it back stock, traded it for a ZL1. Sold the parts and modded my ZL1 to 705 rwp. I would do it over again In a second. The z handles all that power with ease. My ss was sketchy, with the extra horses. The ZL1 is a BEAST!!
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