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Originally Posted by lscamaro View Post
Ah I see. Well best of luck, hope the car is a beast!
Thank you! I'm sure it will be.
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Can this kit be purchased for install in Canada? Just checking out the FI options available. Looks sweet.
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Matt @ RX

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We totally redesigned the kit on Nick's vehicle from the previous kits that we had to make it easier for the DIY'r OR shop to install the kit. The old kit took a lot longer to install, however, when you make R&D changes that takes even longer on the project than before.

Nick has been more than patient here in allowing us to do this R&D on his vehicle and we do appreciate it. Normal times for this installation is 2 weeks, we like to have the car for a full week for installation/dyno time then another few business days for drive-ability tuning, etc. Remember with the 2010-11's we are limited with tuning with Vince so we have to work around his work-load at the same time.

Right now, we are not shipping the Twin Turbo kits out of house. We can work out a real nice deal with you to get the car down here (We'll pay for part of the transportation) to have it installed on-site by RX!! The TT kits are just so involved now, until we have our full color instructions completed we would rather not sell it over the counter.
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Matt @ RX

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We were running for more than a day on the factory ECU with the tune installed. Went to start it up today to move it off the lift (Was just checking over oil lines, etc.) and it wouldn't start. Swapped in a new Bosch ECU donor that we had here, programmed it with SPS, and slapped the tune in and away we go! We still have to set the ECU into the bracket , but we are ready for further drive and logging time now.
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Matt @ RX

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Video... We are idling it high as we removed the turbo oil lines yesterday to re-route one of them, so we like to keep the idle high on fresh starts to get the turbos primed up. This only needs to be done once, so this is not a normal maintenance item.

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Install turned out awesome. Like Matt said, need a few days to drive to make sure no issues pop up, but this is the cleanest version to date and every aspect is awesome.
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Defiantly looks clean!!

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Glad to see it coming together

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