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Originally Posted by bb040 View Post
when i drove sticks i'd let the sounds the engine and car make tell me when and how it should be shifted i know it's kinda lame but i learned to drive on a stick at 13 and that became second nature for me ...if you can pull away up hill from a standing start and not roll backwards or burn your clutch you will have mastered your stick shift...that's what i taught my kids when i taught them to drive a stick
Good memories! Kind of reminded me of me when I was learning manual. I went to a hill where cars rarely passed and I just kept on practicing until the car didn't roll backwards. It took me hours to get it right but I got it down in one day. I haven't had problems ever since! Makes me miss driving , I hope I get a job soon and buy myself a Camaro.
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2k x 2.5 = 5k rpm... lol just ball bustin'

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Y'all make driving a stick seem like WORK instead of FUN!!!
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personally I down shift and used the engine to brake, and have never had any clutch issues with my gen 4 99 ss camaro, that is a daily driver for at least 5 years... I have always thought that sitting at a light with it in gear and the clutch in was not an issue. I was taught that slipping the clutch too much or just dumping the clutch is what ruins a clutch (which I try to avoid mostly). I regularly take aggressive / spirited takeoffs with no problems.

I always take off in first gear, and take my turns in whatever gear feels the best to me without lugging it and what I feel is a good RPM.

I really want to say that I seem to remember reading in one of my owners manuals (gen4 or gen5) that you should not coast very far in neutral with a manual transmission for some reason.

Do I sometimes coast in neutral or with the clutch in to a stop? Yes. But I normally keep backpressure on the engine.

I could be wrong however about what I thought that I read in the owners manual.
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