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Old 08-09-2012, 07:36 PM   #15
Drives: 2012 Camaro 1LS AGM
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2012 Camaro window index fix

I disconnected my battery to install my CAI, but when I reconnected the battery, the drivers window would not index. The information display would tell me to roll the drivers side window down, then back up. I did this but message remained and window still would not index. After a few up and downs of the passenger side window, it then decided to stop indexing as well. I looked on here and seen the fix listed here, so I decide to try following one step on here, and what the message center stated to do. So, .......

1. Open drivers door. (may not be needed)
2. Turn ignition to the "ON" position. Do not start the vehicle.
3. Close the drivers door.
4. Roll drivers side window all the way down, then roll it all the way back up, but continue to hold the switch in the up position until you hear a "click" come from the window. It was quick, about three seconds. The message on the information screen immediately went away.

For the passenger side, I did the same procedure immediately after doing the drivers side window, with one exception, I did not do "step 1" on the passenger side and it worked as well. Again, As soon as I did the drivers side, I then opened the passenger window all the way open, then closed it all the way, continuing to hold the switch in the up position until I heard the click (about three seconds).

I then turned off the ignition, open and closed the drivers door, and voila, the window indexes fine now. Then tested the passenger door, and it worked beautifully as well.

Thanks for everyone posting helpful stuff on here. I was getting frustrated and worried and then wised up and decided to do a google search on this issue, which brought me to Camaro5. I should have really wised up and checked on here first.
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Old 01-02-2013, 05:24 PM   #16
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Drives: 2010 2LT RS Camaro 2015 Colorado
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I did not disconnect my battery,but it did crank a bit slower from not driving it much this past month.Anyways,got the dic message about drive rside window.Did the window down and up thing and held the button til' message went away,did not hear a click though.Got out ,closed door,window indexed properly..Thanks.

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Old 01-02-2013, 06:56 PM   #17

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Drives: 2011 V6 IOM
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I printed this out just in case. And wouldn't you know it I use it three times.
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Old 10-18-2014, 02:22 PM   #18

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Drives: 2013 Camaro 2SS/RS
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This is an old thread but I have to revive it and say thank you. I disconnected my battery to do my headers and my window wouldn't up passed halfway. I did the recommended steps and now it's up. Thanks again tag you saved me from a heart attack.
2013 VR Camaro 2SS/RS LS3

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Old 12-26-2014, 06:56 PM   #19
Drives: 2011 1LT/RS Summit White A6
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Disconnected the battery to install the console gauges on my 2011 1LT RS and upon reconnection the DIC displayed the message to put the Drivers window down and the up. That did not clear the problem However, I did as OKCwhiteKnight suggested and held the button until I heard the click and now both widows index properly.

Thanks for everyone's research on this.
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Old 06-01-2015, 08:27 PM   #20
Better Late Than Never!
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Drives: 2015 2SS/6M Vert, NPP, SC, Com. Ed.
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Used Method 2 after my battery was disconnected. Sooo Easy!!! Thanks Tag Ur It!

Once again, Camaro5 coming to the rescue!
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Old 10-29-2015, 12:52 AM   #21
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Drives: 2011 Camaro LS (6-speed manual V6)
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I tried resetting my battery with no luck.... Unplugging the door harness did the trick. Thank u sooo much. Saved me an expensive dealership trip and half a day off work.
Vitesse Throttle Controller / Flowmaster 40 Mufflers / CAI Intake / Apex scoop and washer relocate / Epic Engineering Catch Can / SS Stoptech Brake lines / BMR 1.2" Lowering Springs / IPF tune /Magnaflow X-Pipe / 25mm Mace intake spacer / BBK Long Tube Headers with High Flow Cats
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Old 10-30-2015, 03:22 PM   #22
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Drives: 2015 1LT Blue Velvet Metallic
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I'm going to try this tonight and see if resetting the indexing fixes the wind noise I get from the driver's side window. It's already been to the dealership for weatherstrip replacement.

Now, back to looking for threads on headliner removal so I can cleanly route my Gen5DIY Home Link Harness.
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Old 10-23-2016, 09:55 PM   #23
Drives: 2011 L99 SS
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I tried both methods several times but no results. Any other tips?
2011 SS
ADM LSA Conversion

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Old 11-28-2016, 01:30 PM   #24
Drives: 2010 Camaro SS
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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
WOOPS! Got it fixed. Took out the 1D part. Thanks for the heads up. Sometimes you read things 5 times and still don't catch it.


I need help what's 1D? Or 1A what is that or where is it located
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Old 11-28-2016, 06:36 PM   #25
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METHOD 1: (Use this plan!!!)
1-A. Open the car door which needs to have the window adjusted. Turn the ignition to the run mode. Do one door at a time !!!

1-B. In the door jam, release the harness from the door (with a medium screwdriver, pull up the release tab, pull off w/ the palm of your hand, and pull the harness off the door for a minimum of 60 seconds (this is very important as the memory will be lost).

1-C. Reconnect the door harness and lock the tab back down. Close your car door.

1-D. The DIC will ask you to lower your door glass.

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