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You sound like a GM spokes person...haha, just noticed you disclaimer.
That is a good take on the comparison an compared to next years M3 the Camaro will still be over $25k less and equal or better track performance.
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1LE all the way
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aight, really thinkin im doing it now. got the price where i want it (1.5k) below msrp. but im like a coin that keeps gettin flipped. need to get me a one sided coin.
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Originally Posted by stickystuff View Post
aight, really thinkin im doing it now. got the price where i want it (1.5k) below msrp. but im like a coin that keeps gettin flipped. need to get me a one sided coin.
You won't regret it! I came from a 2006 mustang gt. It was night and day obbviously. But the 1le is definitely the best bang for your buck. I love mine, and will hopefully be able to keep it for a very long time. Might be one of those cars I keep to pass down to my kid.
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I do like those M3's a lot. But, I do love the American muscle more so. 2 very different cars and they will ride and drive like such. I would go 1LE, but, that's just me.
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Any time a euro trash car can be traded for a Camaro, it has to be done.

And the next M3 will be the new M4, right? On the new F36 platform. Which is getting longer & wider, and therefore, probably heavier.
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Yes the coupe version of the M3 will be called the M4(F82). The M division has stated the weight will be similiar to the E46 M3 (300-400 pounds lighter than now) while gaining more power.

When I first read that Ford wanted to create a car that could surpass the M3 on the track for a lot less I thought "well that was cool but the Boss mustang was comparing themselves to a car created in 2007." And now the SS 1LE is the competitor to the boss mustang. Both of these cars are better than a 2008 M3... Now the 2014 M3... Maybe there will be a 1le in 2018?

Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
I love M3's, adore them. The E46 was my favorite too due to the I6 but man, the 1LE is whole other level of car. If I was given $22k for a 2004 car I would sell sell sell. My friend at work has the same M3, 2004 with the competition package. Nice car but nothing like the 1LE.

Now if you had the V8 M3 than it could be somewhat different. This is how I would look at it. The 5th gen camaro is very original, completely new. Great looking car. It is very safe due to its size and design (5 star everyhing). You have a modern Nav, OnStar, MP3's, decent sound system (you can upgrade it) and a very original interior (I love it, all the colors match on every gauge, radio etc.).

At the same time you have world class handling (it whooped the new M5 and M6 by 4-5 seconds at VIR on Car and Driver Lightning Lap) and it rides a lot more comfortable than the M3. The interior materials are nice (I like the 1SS more because it doesn't use plastic on the door cards) and you have some cool options (2SS will give you leather and you can get halos similar to the Bimmer angel eyes).

In summary, you get a 10 year newer car for under 40k (if you stick with 1SS) and with 22 down your payment would be a joke. Also, insurance is dirt cheap on this car because of its safety ratings.

Go drive one and then drive your M3 back to back, I am certain you will be blown away by the camaro. Don't let the low roof and high doors scare you with visibility, after 2 weeks driving the camaro will feel like driving a smaller car.
There was no competition package in 2004 for M3's.
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E46s are very nice cars. Older German cars can start to get trouble some with the wiring harnesses and electrical components. The E46 VANOS system and front cradle failures are also potentially expensive concerns. Drive the 1LE and see if you decision will be easier.
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the one thing you will notice going from a BMW sports car to American is visibility! but ya a 2004 m3 < 1le/ 2010+ SS if you ask me.

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No E46 M3 is a superior car. German Cars are just better made vehicles.

Trade that E46 for a E92 2009+ M3, 1LE is a sick car but if your going to trade a M3 get a 2009+ CTS-V Sedan
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