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Originally Posted by Camaro V6 090692 View Post
alright man. thanks for your help! btw whats the max boost the LLT will hold safely?
The high compression ratio probably limits you to 10-12 psi. The fuel limitation will probably keep you below that. Each turbo setup will flow a different volume of air for a given psi (lots of variables go into figuring this out). So, you may find a setup that pushes a lot of air at 8 psi will be all you can handle given the fuel limitations and another setup will not max out until 10 psi. The compressor maps will help you figure out how efficient it is (how much air it can push for a given psi among other things), but your overall flow will be impacted by the intercooler and piping as well. Lower psi means lower temperatures and lower pressure build up in the cylinders. Both of these are good.
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be different and get both!
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We have a local twin turbo LLT build with the same EFR's on Gretchens and he is spraying a 50 wet shop starting at 1500 rpm and it instantly spools them up and then the spray is boost referenced to shut off as soon as he is at 5-6# or so.

We would do a single EFR of that size for an LLT and have a killer quick spooling system that is affordable and still make all the power the LLT fuel system can handle.

The EFR's also have an internal bypass that keeps the turbine spinning between shifts so instant recovery. We dont push higher than 7K RPM's....all the power you need by then.

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To spool or not to spool
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Originally Posted by Sikoriko View Post
To spool or not to spool
Twin Screw fool

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As per turbos, they must be spec'd properly for the size of the motor, efficiency range, max RPM, etc. Just make sure you go with someone that knows how to properly spec the turbo, tubing size, etc. The turbo will have more parts to it, will be a longer install, and will require more into the tuning considering no one has really mastered the Bosch ECU turbo systems.

However, going with the IPF kit you are ready to bolt-it on yourself in one day. Install the IPF provided tune, and away you go, no hassle, no worry. 100% reversible and something you can put on in your driveway. With the IPF kits, I can turn them in one day including baseline dyno, installation, lunch, and final dyno!

The choice if up to you at the end of the day.
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