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Originally Posted by CrystalRedTintcoat View Post
Seriously!? WTF?

I had a 1987 Chevy Eurosport and someone dumped a coke over the roof and kicked a dent in it at McDonald's.

Had a 95/96? Saturn wagon and someone keyed the snot out of it at a grocery store.

Had a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee and someone stuck a screwdriver under the key lock and tried to pry it off.

Had an 84 Z28. One time someone spray painted F^CK across the side of it. I buffed it out. Later someone tried to throw a foundation block thru the back window. It bounced off. In between those two episodes I had a gun pulled on me at night.

And in 1988 I got run off the road on Xmas eve by a drunken Sales manager from Arnold Palmer Buick in Latrobe PA.

We live in a crazy world. Somehow I'm still an optimist.
I am quite young for owning a camaro 1le. Seeing your history of vandalism, I'm not looking forward to my future in owning nice cars... especially how our society is progressing. No one has respect anymore!
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Someone threw a crescent wrench through the driver side t-top on my '99 Camaro SS.

I actually still have the wrench.

Back to topic. Autoshow vandalism is well known. And in some cases actually expected and monitored for durability testing. GM has done some monitoring of how many people sat in a car during an autoshow and it helped them determine the wear patterns for leather drivers seats. It’s free real world testing.
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Brian 1LE SS
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People are scum. How many of you fear the parking lot?
98 Camaro SS M6, a few mods
13 Ram R/T, tow vehicle
6th gen??
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I HATE parking lots!! Once had some young kids squeeze their POS Saturn INCHES away from my car at a dinner some club members went to! Like stated before people have no respect for others property! Even though I always park out at the ends of the lot I usually find some A hole right next to me

One other show some nitwit decided to open my fuel door far enough( and hard enough) to actually dent the quarter panel with the edge of the fuel door !!
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