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Originally Posted by chef-beavis View Post
Since everyone is so focused on the mechanics of this and the car, let me provide some bonus insight from the motorcycling world. I see a few problems with doing this.

1. You get busy/distracted while at the light. It drops green. You rev to take off. The person behind you notes the brake lights going off and hears your car rev, and stabs their gas. You just started the next "My baby got rear-ended today." thread with a sad smily face.

2. You are sitting at a light and notice the driver coming behind you will never stop in time. If you car is in the proper gear to move forward you have that option and the reaction time is nearly immediate. Still needing to drop the car into gear could make the difference to getting out of harms way. On a bike, you never remove it from gear at a stop, under normal circumstances. You are also trained to downshift into first (with the clutch in) during a panic stop. The reason for this is all you have to do to move again is dump the clutch and pin it if the car behind you couldn't equall your braking or didn't notice you had stopped.

3. Any time your drive wheels are disconnected from the engine you have given up one of your facets of vehicle control.

I wouldn't do it for the above reasons moreso than any mechanical one.
Nice post ,I can totally see the 1st scenario, And we are talking about using brake pads , If the OP has a bad leg ,maybe using the E-brake is a good way for him to go till its gets better , ?
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Would rather be riding
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what what what is all the fighting about?

It's not a good thing or a bad thing, not helping or hurting anything, it's just a thing you do. It's not something I choose to do when I drive automatics (unless they won't idle correctly)

My Camaro has a manual trans, I sit at stoplights in neutral with my foot off the clutch and brake applied. You are pretty much doing the same thing with your auto and to that I would say "you can if you want"
Nice vehicles with mods.
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to prolong brake life is a stupid reason to do this, 1. because there is no brake wear anyway and 2. brakes are cheap and transmissions are not..

now on the subject of shifting into neutral, once I read in a service station that shifting into neutral at lights was good for your torque converter because you didn't have that constant push on the driveltrain creating extra heat and everything,,

I did it with my old 2000 Camaro all the time, partially because I hated holding my foot on the brake for 5 minutes waiting for a light and because I thought I was helping the transmission.,

a few week ago I read about this online and concluded that it is not good for the transmission because you're only putting more wear on the tranny by making it shift in & out of gear every time.
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Originally Posted by C586 View Post
Well your wasting gas and doing unnecessary shifting. Why not just let off the gas. Shifting into neutral isn't even something to be thought of. It makes no sense.

I only used to do it because I hated having to hold the brake pedal for 5 minutes waiting for a light, in fact if I knew it was a long light I would just put it in park.

even if I was in a traffic jam and going down hill, I would put it in neutral and just coast down hill to avoid all that shifting.

so it does make sense in some cases.
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