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Yep 32 psi for everyday operation and the manual says for our tires to inflate to 44 psi before operating at greater than 100mph.
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Originally Posted by Nick S View Post
With lower tire pressure though on the good years you may not get sidewall wrinkle but you will effectively increase your contact patch area which will give you more traction. With less pressure the flat spot on the bottom will become bigger thus give you more grip.
One would think, but not actually true with a stiff side wall radial tire. You can lower the pressure enough on a radial that your contact patch actually decrease.
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Tara Martin
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Originally Posted by Tara Martin View Post
OMG, my 1LE was delivered to me with 44 psi in each corner. It felt like I was driving on bowling balls until I lowered them. I'm not sure if the factory or the dealer did it. Did everyone else's come with "Nitrofilled" from the factory or was this a dealer addon for my car? It came with the white-logo-ed valve caps that look horrid on the black wheels.

I got wondering about my "NitroFilled question above and looked closer at some photos I took of my car on the delivery truck. Sure enough, the white NitroFilled caps were on the car delivered to the dealer. Did anyone else receive factory Nitro? I know that there's a vigorous argument pro and con about Nitrogen in tires, but I was wondering about it is all. First time I have to replace or repair a tire I probably won't continue unless it's free.

Also, I just passed 5k miles and the original tires look like they might have another 5k left on them. How are everyone else's tires fairing so far? I've already bought two spare F1's, one right and one left just in case of a road hazard. I had to order them and they took a week. I can't afford to have my daily driver down that long without a spare.

Have fun driving your 1LEs!

Okay, ok; I know where my Camaro is now! In my driveway!

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Mine had green caps on the tire valves when I picked up the car with the original caps in the glove box. Green sticker on the inside of the windshield with the dealer logo stating that the tires were nitrogen filled.

The nitrogen fill was part of their prep and no extra charge so it didn't matter to me either way. When they need air, I'll just put regular air in them.
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