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I think my assumption is pretty valid even without the Z07 package..... Al O's simulator has been pretty off the mark a few times.

Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
.........we are far from finished.................
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Originally Posted by djsnoflake View Post
The same motor in a car about 800 pounds lighter and with Cup Tires and you think it has a chance? It really doesn't matter how long the track is, you can't make a car with the same power but an 800 pound weight disadvantage win.

It doesn't work from a bench racing standpoint and it certainly doesn't work from a corporate financial standpoint. There is no way Chevy is going to beat itself with a car that is that much cheaper.

Sorry, I know this is a Camaro site, but we gotta step into realityland a bit here folks.
The ZL1 has ran faster around VIR than the Z06/Z07 so I think it is quite easily possible, even if the Vette wasn't on its best that is still interesting and we know the Z/28 will be hella faster. And weight/power is not the only factor in handling it is alot more technical than that.

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I think most are stretching.
On high speed tracks, weight starts to matter less and power and aero become more important. Cars like the 458 and new GTR have a lot more power.
The tires will help a lot, but don't forget lighter cars do better on short-medium tracks.
The gap on the ring is likely to be less than 10 seconds.
It will not beat a sticky tire ZO6, but I'm not sure about the 800lbs.
I thought the z28 was only 3800, and I didn't think the ZO6 was 3000.
It's going to be an interesting car to benchmark though.
The GT500 will kill it on the street, but will get killed by it on short-medium tracks. It will be a bunch more than a GT500 anyway, so those guys will claim its a slow drag car for big money.
So glad GM did it though.
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Z/28 and GT500 = Apples and Oranges

Oh I bet the price will be close with (IMO) the Z/28 being less.
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Originally Posted by JoansDriver View Post
I REALLY want this car.
me too, just won't be able to afford it!
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Good info. Thanks
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