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ok this is what you do (dont really take my advise unless ur a bada$$ like me) when the cop pulls you over, act drunk...when he ask you to step out, you get out, cock back your strong hand and chop him in the throat for wasting your time.

or option number 2 (my personal favorite) Show that mother F'er how you drive and what a camaro can do...Because i bet he is either in a crown vic or that 4 door wanna be muscle car, whats that thing called...hmmmm, o yea the charger (honestly what was dodge thinking?) and we all know how good pigs drive...and fly...and if your a cop and this offends you just calm down its a joke but if you pull me over be ready to get a judo chop lol
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Well that's probably not a good answer, 45th. Violence doesn't solve hill brake assist problems.
The hill brake on my 83 subaru station wagon worked very well. It released as soon as you let the clutch off and away you went. Do I need help with this? Not really. I drove the car for 3 years before I found a great subaru mechanic who saw that it wasn't working and fixed it for me. Did it change how I drove? Not really, but it was a cool feature. If you roll back into someone on a hill it's their fault anyway for being too close.
I've never gotten to drive the Camaro with hill brake but it sounds like they didn't quite get it right.
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This is a way old post let it DIE...........................
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Norm Peterson
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Maybe the single incident is old news.

But the larger issues that it raises - either failure to recognize the unintended consequences of HSA in non-defeatable form at all or to assign proper importance to them if they were in fact considered - is more than enough reason for it to keep floating back to the top.

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Old 05-01-2013, 06:54 PM   #73
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I didn't realize one week was an old thread or incident
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So glad I have a '12. I like that you've been driving stick 15 more yrs than the cop. I'm in that same position. First vehicle I really drove was a WW2 Wyllis surplus "Jeep". Clutch, not really, find 'em and grind 'em. That started when I was 10 years old, only off road of course. Other jeeps and manual trucks throughout the years, riding motorcycles will teach you about how a clutch really works too. And of course I didn't start driving on the roads until I was old enough, 14. Even though 15 is learner's permit age in Alabama, my dad wanted us to have had plenty of experience by the time we turned 16 and could drive on our own. He even conducted emergency handling "classes" in his Caddy Fleetwood. Took me out in the rain in an empty parking lot and taught me how to slide that thing up and down safely. Sorry, off topic

I don't even hardly ever use the E brake unless it's a stout hill. But yeah, no room for hill assist in a car I own. I know you guys that have it can't, or maybe don't want to yet, mess with your tune and mess up your warranty, but I wonder if a tuner could take care of it for you. Thing is by the time you run your warranty out you'll be so used to it if that is the only car you drive all the time.
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