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Fiery re-Creation
Danger Zone
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Jeebus! Glad his insurance is taking care of it.
and when I say "Ultra-Grin" - I MEAN ULTRA GRIN! ~ fbodfather
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Originally Posted by Fiery re-Creation View Post
Jeebus! Glad his insurance is taking care of it.
Me too. I want to have a drink every time I look at it. May 17th, it will be like new again!
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I just got a new ding on my passenger side door. I just get so upset that people don't bother to leave any notes these days! I live in California where I personally feel that MOST people are natural aholes and lack any consideration for others.

I work at a business where almost every damn day I see people bumping other peoples cars when they're trying to parallel park and it really bugs the crap out of me. Why? They get out and act like nothing happen and walk away without a note.

I'll casually go out to check the vehicle that was struck out, and if I see ANY damage that i'm almost 100% sure it was from the car that hit it, i'll leave a nice note to the victim with the plate number.

I always love it when somebody smacks into another persons car (about 5 to 6 mph) and stays in their vehicle after for about 5 minutes looking around to make sure nobody seems to be caring. It's hilarity at its finest!

Going back about 1 month ago, I drove over to a local Ross: Dress for Less to purchase some socks, and had parked my vehicle in a SPECIAL lane for 4 cars to be parked paralleled next to each other. I ended up being the first one there parking in the very front where I thought i'd be all good. Most people are lazy, and don't park there because they don't want to walk but since i'm in good shape and like walking I do these things.

I go in for no more than 10 minutes and purchase my item. When I left, I see 3 cars behind me. I couldn't tell how badly the driver behind me parked but as I got closer, I noticed that the 4th car behind (a brand new BMW 6 series) parked like a complete idiot and almost took 1 1/2 lanes, another car had squeezed in front of his car, and a women who had parked her Subaru Wagon behind mine giving me NO ROOM to back out and leave.

I waited 20 minutes before she came out but before she came out I noticed the same dark green colored paint on the back of my vehicle near the license plate. I knew it was her, but I waited. Now when she came out she looked pretty damn worried as I stared her down with the nasty stink eye without saying a word to her. She knew she blocked me in.

I decided since it was merely cosmetic to ignore what she did, but continued to see if she would at the least say "Sorry"......Well NOTHING...NADA....ZILCH! She didn't apologize for shit and that pissed me off anymore so right before she leaves I point at how I was blocked in and she waved at me almost to say "Ok you got me, sorry".

So irritating...people can be such bastards.
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That sucks! I have a few dents on my car because people are dumbasses!
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Old 06-23-2014, 09:36 AM   #33
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this is why I park as far as possible
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Old 06-24-2014, 03:55 PM   #34
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not quite a door ding...but this happened on the expressway through KW late Friday idea what hit us, nobody in front of us...we just heard the bang...
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Originally Posted by momofsix View Post
not quite a door ding...but this happened on the expressway through KW late Friday idea what hit us, nobody in front of us...we just heard the bang...
Sorry to see you got hit. Hope you get it fixed ok. I had a smaller hit on my road trip to Ohio. No idea what hit us, but it got bumper and fender seam, just the paint, but right down to the metal.

Last Year I had a similar incident to the original poster. I feel your pain.
I was in the car in a parking lot. Lady parks beside me in her SUV, and BAM!!, her door hit my passenger door so hard it scared the shit out of me. When my insurance called her for her insurance info, she denied it was her. They knew she was lying. The police went to visit her, and she admitted it. But they couldn't charge her, they weren't there, didn't see it.
It got fixed, but took a long time. Then 3 more trips to the body shop to get them to fix their mistakes.
I've had another incident recently, sideswiped. New fender and mirror.
But its been the most painful yet.
4 trips back to the body shop. They broke window switches, they scratched the door handle and covered it up with touchup paint.
Wrong mirror, then not installed right.
I used to believe that a GM dealer could do better than a no-name bodyshop, but they've really gone down hill.
Bob Myers chev in Ajax is where I bought the car and had body work done. And it was always painful to go back againand again to get them to do it right.
Now its sold, and owed by VanDussen. Its no better. The last time I was there was the most painfull.
Shoddy, sloppy workmanship.

I will never go to a Dealership Bodyshop again. I'll go somewhere else, where hopefully, they care about doing things right.
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