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Thumbs up CMS in Murrieta, CA

CMS review

Hey guys sorry for the long post, but trust me it’s worth the read….
So anyways,
After I bought my ZL1 I already knew I wanted a little more power. Note the word “little” haha. Part of me wanted to have as much power as a ’13 gt500 would have stock, and the other part of me said screw it, shoot for the moon. The problem for me was finding a reputable shop nearby, and after dealing with a few shops in my area before, the list was dwindling.
Low and behold, I came across Cunningham motorsports in the Corvette forums and I figured “hey, if the vette guys keep going to him, he must be doing something right.”
One thing I quickly noticed as well was that everyone I had talked to that was either a current or previous customer of Cunningham motorsports was more than happy with their results and wouldn’t hesitate going back for more.
So shortly after finding him on the Camaro5 forum and exploding his email box with questions, he quickly gave me his # and apparently he was ok with me exploding his phone with questions as well. I then said the heck with texting and stopped by his shop on a Saturday to discuss the build for my ZL1. After meeting Ryne and another mechanic at the shop I noticed their attention to detail which in my opinion is very important. After all my ZL1 is my dream car, and I wouldn’t want anyone working on it that didn’t have pride in their workmanship.
Anyways, we started out with a goal of 700hp at the crank in mind, which I felt was a reasonable start, and I put down a deposit and played the waiting game for my parts to arrive. A week later when I was in Vegas with my ZL1, a 5.0 mustang pulled up next to me with headers and no cats, and turned out to be louder than my car (still stock at the time). Nevertheless, I said that’s bullshit and unacceptable …my car needs to be loud haha. So still in Vegas, I texted Ryne late at night (a few too many drinks as well lol) and said we need to add some parts to the build.
After waiting another week or so, I finally dropped my car off with the idea of getting it back in about a week. Later that week on a Friday I got a text from Ryne saying, well, so far, we’re at 676RWHP! But unfortunately we’re maxed out on the stock fuel pump. At that point I didn’t know whether to be bummed because I wouldn’t get the car back for a little while longer, or to check for streaks because holy shit batman I’ve got 676hp to the wheel!
Long story short, we ended up installing the ADM dual pump, and settled on 699RWHP, and I still kept the dual mode exhaust, albeit with the mild to wild controller on my homelink (I.e. flaps always closed or open).

To sum it up, I couldn’t be happier with the guys at CMS. Both Ryne and Mike (aka Texas) are outstanding in their customer service, and I would without a doubt go back to have more work done to my car. In fact, I’ll be going back soon to talk about installing a larger s/c in the near future. (Can never have too much power)

And for those of you who are wondering, it’s an absolute blast to drive, and the power is addicting haha . Believe it or not, I still get around 18-20mpg on the hwy.

I'll post some driving videos in the future....

CMS custom spec camshaft Package(.600" lift ,-1 degree of overlap @.050")
2.55" upper pulley
9.55" lower pulley
ATI balancer assembly
ADM heat exchanger
ADM twin fuel pump setup
ID850 injectors
Roto-fab air intake
Kooks long tube headers
Remote supercharger coolant Reservoir
tr7ix spark plugs
CMS tune on straight 91 octane
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