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Originally Posted by Zfatuated View Post

And...if it has the close ratio gearbox, it likely needs a shift before 60 mph which will make the 0-60 time longer.

We have no idea if this speculated information is correct, and if it is, I just don't care. It doesn't matter for those of us who will use the car for its intended purpose.
Actually a close-ratio gearbox would mean the opposite--it will have a taller 1st gear. As the name implies, the ratios will be closer together, and with 4th gear being a 1:1, that means ratios 1-3 will be higher and closer than with the standard trans. In addition, a short 1st gear would be pretty much worthless on most road courses. The tall 1st gear would probably mean a 0-60 run in 1st gear but difficult to launch between bogging and lighting up the tires. It's also not an optimal gear for a standing start acceleration run.
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2cnd chance
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I believe in a close ratio box for track first gear is usually short not tall as it's used for getting the car moving not at speed. Most races are done in gears 2-5.

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Originally Posted by Col. Brain View Post
they made it a street car. Kind of hard to make it a "no compromise" track car.

That OD is for the MPG rating.

Had this been a real no compromise track car it would not have a VIN or a backseat etc.

This is about as close as one will get to a street version of a factory race car.
...all true, it's a compromise, rather than no compromise. It had to be that way, otherwise make it like a COPO deal, off road only with no VIN...
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Originally Posted by Zfatuated View Post
If the 170 mph top speed is correct, and I hope against hope that it is correct, then the enthusiasts have the final and ultimate proof that this is a no compromise track car.

Trackrats understand with crystal clarity. Top speed numbers are utterly meaningless except to magazine induced mental masturbators. Just like 1/4 mile and 0-60 times. Useless information for use on track.

Give me a close ratio gearbox that allows the engine to pull like a locomotive in every single gear, and that allows me to be in the right gear for every corner, that is what I want. Not a top-speed numerical compromise meant to appeal to the unthinking sheep.

170 mph top speed: Please, please let it be true...
Wow thats a really great point!
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I love reading all of our opinions, for the same thing we can come up with two or three responses, what it all boils down to is what it shows up with on the car lot.

Love opinions!
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Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
Bc some people have to be the first to have something,
True. I'll be right there at the pre owned lot picking up their sloppy seconds. Lol
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