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Originally Posted by willhe64 View Post
Take a look at the front and rear springs, they ship with blocks in them that are supposed to be removed at the dealer.
Those only ship with the ZL1s
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Rock-It Man
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You already got a lot of good advice, and all your gripes are valid, except tire wear. Since you have an RS car, I assume it has P-Zeros on it and it's easy to wear these out in 15,000 if you drive half way aggressive.

But I can't imagine why it would cost $2K to replace them. Maybe $1,200 installed.
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I didn't put the perilli p-zeros back on when I replaced the tires, so I had to replace all 4. I got a way better tire.
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William I will get it to you ASAP
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Chevrolet Customer Svc

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Originally Posted by '12chevycam View Post
William I will get it to you ASAP
Appreciate it,

I look forward to hearing from you.

William R.
Chevrolet Customer Care
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Childs Play
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I'd also call GM's corporate office if the problem persists. I had an issue with my last Camaro escalated all the way up to them. They'll talk to the dealership and help set them straight.

I had an issue that dragged on for about 4 months with my last Camaro... It ended with a dealership (Westside Chevrolet in Katy, TX.) telling me they wouldn't look at my car because of all the issues it was having even though it wasn't even a year old. (Even though GM specifically told them to look at the car). I gave them a one finger salute and went and traded in my SS for a ZL1 that day. I haven't looked back. haha.

On a side note... I also had a dealership put a gash one of my rims and it also cut into the tire on that rim destroying it as well. They claimed it wasnt them and said I didn't have any proof. Even though I was still at the dealership when I pointed it out and it had the same blue paint engraved into the rim that was on their lifts... NOT PROOF THOUGH because that blue paint could have been from anywhere... you know... all those curbs painted blue around here.
That guy also got a one finger salute. I'm a nice guy... I really am...
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"Squishy Ride", is what I called it when people would ask me how I liked my Camaro. I replaced the springs with ZL1 springs. BAM! Nice firm ride... Sway bars, now I'm Ernheart Jr. As for P-Zeros, I had 40,000 on my D/D and I probably could have gone another 2000 before I hit the sensors. I'm an aggressive driver. So I can't understand how people are only getting 15000 out of them. Anyway, good luck with your car, William with Chevy customers service will help you out.
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I've been working with GM for over a week now because I've had all kinds of crap replaced and I just found out the car was damaged and repaired and not disclosed to me before sale.

It would appear they're all too busy figuring out who broke it, which has nothing to do with me, rather than insuring customer satisfaction.

My advice? Lawyer seems to be the only way to get their attention and get a resolution. If its within warranty parameters and you have everything documented than its a no brainer for a lawyer.

Here's my story

Sorry friend, best of luck to you.
Cary Neill

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