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60 mph is the optimum speed for mpg. Try driving in that range and see what you get. You should be around 25 or better.
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Originally Posted by mc_acoustic View Post
So vince sent me the new tune, I tuned it... drove about... hmm lets say about 50 miles just to see how it is... all city driving about 1 hour of driving...

Reset the gas milage meters and what not...

its up coming 18.5 miles to the gallon... Not bad.... but taking into the fact that I drove an average of 20 miles an hour.... should say something....

I was driving slower then the buses next to me... everyone was passing me....

Is something wrong? Is there something I can do to increase my milage? Could going to 91 octane bring it up?
Using lower octane gas is a major problem, to get the most out of the car you need to use better gas. 87-89 burns like crazy and if you drive hard it burns like water in the desert plus the car wont perform at its peak performance. In my ss cobalt I could only use 93 no matter what but I wanted the power so I had to deal with it. If I went any lower than 93 I would get major engine knock and I I raced I could blow the motor.
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