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It's in black & white
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Originally Posted by ZRider View Post
2013 Coupe
White, Black wheels
Auto, Nav

Just got it--no pics yet.

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White Hot
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Originally Posted by FAIRNOT LZ1 View Post

It......moves me!
Attached Images
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Originally Posted by hamp View Post
I bet you got a great deal by waiting I know I did. Got mine March 2013 & it had been in the showroom since June 2012. ENJOY !!!!

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big dave
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2013 Coupe
Blue Ray Metallic
Pretty much every options except for Nav.
'13 ZL1 BRM A6. 11.591 @ 119.2 factory stock! Best stock mph 121.8. 11.306 @ 121 RotoFab, drag radials and skinnies. 4340# raceweight. 2014... back to stock 2013... stock & RotoFab

'94 Z28 A4. 13.64 @ 100.1 stock. 11.71 @ 117 h/c (sold)

'99 SS M6. 13.28 @ 105 stock. 12.02 @ 116.5 bolt-ons on street tires. Full weight. New combo 10.94 @ 126.9 n/a full weight on et streets. .
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Originally Posted by big dave View Post
2013 Coupe
Blue Ray Metallic
Pretty much every options except for Nav.


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Updated with more new ZL1 owners

Congrats to everyone and let me know if
I made a typo
Don't forget, I honor ALL DISCOUNTS THAT APPLY!
Woodhaven, Mi ..only 20 min from Detroit Metro Airport!
734-479-7117 ...Direct Line

Available Camaro & Corvette Inventory
My Summit White SS///My Pace Car
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2G1FZ3DPXD9800009 Rally Yellow Convertible Canada
M6, Nav
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Sugar's ZL1
Ron and Sugar
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Hi Becky,
Thanks for adding us to the list of owners.
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I just picked up my white zl1
vin number is
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∞ Smiles per mile
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2013 GAZ Summit White

Back ground story - This is my fourth Camaro. The newest one was a '99 SS that could run 11.7s on nitrous. It was also white. I have also owned two Z06s. A 2004 and a 2006. I got to take the 2004 on a 2 day HPDE. It was incredible fun.

I daily drove all of the vehicles mentioned and will do so with my ZL1.

My 2006 Z06 was getting old; it was way too noisy in the cockpit (B&B bullet catback). I couldn't hear the stereo very well, no Bluetooth, rode rough etc.

I am amazed at how well the ZL1 drives. Tour mode is much softer than the Z06. Plenty of power and a lot of the technology that was missing from the Corvette. I am thrilled with the car and look forward to many smiles per mile.

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Took delivery last night.

Ashen gray, forged aluminums, automatic.

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2012 ZL1 Members

2G1FS1EP0C9799717--GCO Rally Yellow---------RETNMYK--CTF CAR!!

2G1FS1EP5C9799728--GAN Silver Ice Metallic----Chief Bob--CTF CAR!!

2G1FS1EP3C9800004--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic----Z Boss

2G1FS1EP009800011--GAZ Summit White---------kush396

2G1FS1EP2C9800012--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic----ZmbHord

2G1FS1EPXC9800016--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic----kbar4782

2GIFSIEP1C9800017--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-charlie821

2G1FJ1EP1C9800019--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-----mcchevy69ss

2G1FS1EP7C9800023--GAZ Summit White-------mlee

2G1FJ1EP5C9800024--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-gsjo

2G1FS1EP2C9800026--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-----16floz470ml

2G1FJ1EP1C9800036--GBA Black------------------DEFENDRZL1

2G1FS1EP7C9800037--GBA Black-----------Janet

2G1FS1EP9C9800038--GAZ Summit White----------aejeeper

2G1FS1EP7C9800040--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-collins motorsport

2G1FS1EP4C9800044--GAN Silver Ice Metallic------ZL1#17

2G1FJ1EP8C9800048--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic------Gtd7411

2G1FS1EP3C9800052--GAZ Summit White----------69NMYSS

2G1FJ1EP9C9800057--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic -----ItsAdryHeat79

2G1FJ1EP0C9800061--GCN Victory Red-------stymie

2G1FJ1EP1C9800067--GCN Victory Red------------Chaser

2G1FS1EP7C9800071--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-rick62

2G1FS1EP2C9800074--GAZ Summit White----------LyndonM

2G1FJ1EP0C9800075--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-----Frankzl1

2G1FS1EP8C9800080--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-----IcePick06

2G1FS1EP3C9800083--GCN Victory Red------------MYBADZL1

2G1FS1EP7C9800085--GAN Silver Ice Metallic------actireman

2G1FJ1EP8C9800101--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic--gardengeorge

2G1FS1EP0C9800106--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic--Kona..(Scott)

2G1FJ1EP9C9800107--GBA Black-------------------camarocam

2G1FS1EP2C9800110--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic------enk97

2G1FS1EP4C9800111--GBA Black-------------------BigMikeZL1

2G1FS1EP1C9800115--GAN Silver Ice Metallic--Camaro X

2G1FJ1EP8C9800132---GBA Black------------------TUCSONZL1

2G1FS1EP2C9800138--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic------koop

2G1FS1EP0C9800140--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic------1st Gen Forever

2G1FS1EP2C9800141--GBA Black-------------------alex70olds

2G1FJ1EP6C9800145--GCN Victory Red-------------drock

2G1FS1EP3C9800150--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic--Camaro Fred

2G1FS1EP3C9800151--GCN Victory Red-------------Sharp-ZL1

2G1FJ1EP6C9800162--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic---2010SSRSM6

2G1FZ1EP1C9800163--GCN Victory Red -----------Lonny Doyle

2G1FS1EP5C9800165-GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-MrDew

21G1FS1EP9C9800167—GCR Inferno Orange Metallic--MIZL1

2G1FJ1EP9C9800172--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic---tnspd


2G1FJ1EP1C98000179--GBA Black-------------------eco

2G1FS1EP5C9800182--GCN Victory Red-------------ldturner01

2G1FS1EP9C9800184--GCN Victory Red-------------Als 2012 Zl1

2G1FS1EP1C9800194--GCN Victory Red-------------350 HRSS

2G1FS1EP5C9800196--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic---Z69

2G1FS1EP7C9800197--GCN Victory Red--------------lambo3

2G1FJ1EP*C9800199 --GAN Silver Ice Metallic--------htron50

2G1FJ1EP*C9800203--GLJ Ashen Gray-------------KD Innovations

2G1FS1EP4C9800206--GCN Victory Red-----------FINALLYSATISFIED

2G1FS1EP1C9800213--GBA Black---------------------rmyers

2G1FS1EP*C9800214--GAN Silver Ice Metallic---Mr. Wyndham
I used to be Dragoneye...

2G1FS1EP7C9800216--GCN Victory Red--------------ZL1#216

2G1FS1EXPC9800218--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-------Deke736


2G1FS1EP9C9800220--GCN Victory Red--------------Mr.R

2G1FJ1EP0C9800223--GAN Silver Ice Metallic---------Ben Herman

2G1FS1EXPC9800226--GCN Victory Red--------------b anderton

2G1FS1EP1C9800230--GCN Victory Red--------------OldTimer

2G1FS1EP0C9800235--GCN Victory Red--------------mickey123456

2G1FJ1EP0C9800237--GAZ Summit White------------shreded1

2G1FJ1EP2C9800241--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic--tpower

2G1FS1EP3C9800259--GCN Victory Red--------------Mr T

2G1FS1EP1C9800261--GCN Victory Red--------------atintpro

2G1FJ1EP7C9800266--GCO Rally Yellow--------------afirehawk1


2G1FS1EP6C9800272--GCN Victory Red--------------Z4MB

2G1FS1EP8C9800273--GCO Rally Yellow--------------MrCamaro

2G1FJ1EP6C9800274--GAZ Summit White------------thespymaster

2G1FJ1EP8C9800275--GBA Black--------------------DangerouSS

2G1FS1EP3C9800276--GAN Silver Ice Metallic--------Kctarboosh

2G1FS1EP2C9800284--GAZ Summit White------------fiascoes1

2G1FJ1EP4C9800287--GAZ Summit White-------------LIVNLIF65

2G1FS1EPXC9800288--GCO Rally Yellow--------gedixon

2G1FJ1EP8C9800289--GCN Victory Red---------------GSDMOM

2G1FS1EP1C9800292--GAN Silver Ice Metallic---------Rizzo

2G1FS1EP7C9800300--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic----CJ1034

2G1FS1EP1C9800308--GBA Black---------------------GBAZL1

2G1FS1EP9C9800315--GBE Crystal Red Metallic------- Dave K

2G1FS1EP0C9800316--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-----tmandoug1

2G1FS1EP3C9800326--GAZ Summit White------------sgt2410

2G1FS1EP3C9800326--GAZ Summit White----WhiteyChev

2G1FJ1EP5C9800332--GCN Victory Red---------------IROC U

2G1FJ1EP2C9800336--GBE Crystal Red Metallic-------OldJedi

2G1FS1EP8C9800340--GCN Victory Red--------------Red Ryder

2G1FJ1EP6C9800341--GBA Black---------------------Seraph98

2G1FS1EP1C9800342--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic----FSTORG5

2G1FS1EP3C9800343--GBA Black--------------------jaggedx

2G1FS1EP*C9800349--GAZ Summit White------TheMichael

2G1FJ1EP2C9800353--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic--------KRamdathZL1

2G1FJ1EPXC9800357--GBE Crystal Red Metallic--------MasterChiefBT

2G1FS1EP5C9800358--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-------dirishboy

2G1FS1EP5C9800361--GCN Victory Red---------------Catfish

2G1FJ1EP*C9800365--GBE Crystal Red Metallic---Cnd ZL One

2G1FS1EP6C9800370--GCn Victory Red--------------jsd

2G1FS1EP8C9800371--GBA Black---------------------BlackZL1

2G1FS1EP3C9800374--GBA Black----------------christcringle


2G1FS1EP1C9800387--GBA Black---------------ShadyZL1

2G1JF1EPXC9800391--GAN Silver Ice Metallic---------1MtnGoat

2G1FJ1EP2C9800398--GBA Black---------------------Drake Heminger

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2G1FJ1EP2C9800403--GAN Silver Ice Metallic--------Dr. Nat

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2G1FS1EP9C9800413--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic---gmgdave

2G1FJ1EP9C9800415--GAZ Summit White----BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet

2G1F*1EP*C9800416--GBA Black--------------------ZL1_Alkindi

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2G1FS1EP2C9800530--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic---------rogerstp

2G1F*1EP*C9800539--Color--------------------------SRQ Al

2G1F81EP8C9800540--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic -ZO6 Bryan

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2G1F*1EP*C9800559--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic---------avcbm

2G1F*1EP*C9800564--GBA BLACK--------------------Mr. Z

2G1FS1EPXC9800565--GBA BLACK---------------------joes407

2G1FS1EP*C9800569--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic----Happy_Dan

2G1F*1EP*C9800573--GCN Victory Red---------------She'sZL1

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2G1FS1EP4C9800643--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic--------ZL1 Brian

2G1FJ1EP*C9800656--GAZ Summit White-------------BADASSBU



2G1FS1EP2C9800673--GBA BLACK----------------------jydenwr

2G1F*1EP*C9800683--GBE Crystal Red Metallic683------brucedd

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2G1FS1EP7C9800698--AGM GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic --MY CA.ZL1

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2G1FJ1EP5C9800735--GBA BLACK---------------------CAM....ZL1

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2G1F*1EP*C9800740--Color?-------------------------Neil's BlackZL1

2G1F*1EP*C9800742--AGM GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic--Uneducated Guess

2G1FS1EPXC9800744--GBA Black---------------------Blueclyde


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2G1FS1EP9C9800833--GBA Black-----------------Rector Motorsports

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2G1F*1EP*C9800867--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic----SS Inferno

2G1F*1EP*C9800872--GCN Victory Red---------------ZL1 STEVE

2G1FS1EP*C9800879--GBE Crystal Red Metallic--HalinSS

2G1FJ1EP7C9800882--GBA Black----------------------lindie89

2G1FS1EPXC9800887--AGM GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic---Beechdoctor

2G1FS1EP6C9800904--GCN Victory Red --------------fosbergd

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2G1FJ1EP0C9800917—GBA Black----------------------Stephen12ZL1


2G1FS1EP9C9800945--GBA Black--------------------DrewJitsu

2G1FS1EP7C9800958--GAN Silver Ice Metallic............mcalcote

2G1FS1EP7C9800959--GAZ Summit White-------------Joez11

2G1FS1EP9C9800960--GBA Black---------------------kahsahni

2G1FS1EP5C9800982--GBE Crystal Red Metallic-------rch67chev

2G1FJ1EPXC9801010--GBA Black--------------------revo1059

2G1FS1EP*C9801017--AGM GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic---JimB

2G1FS1EPXC9801022--Ashen Gray Metallic----------bbboomer54

2G1FS1EP5C9801041--GCN Victory Red-------------VcrusaderV

2G1FJ1EP*C801047--GBA Black --------------------808Camaro

2G1FS1EP7C9801057 GBA Black--------------------1057ZL1

2G1FJ1EP9C9801063--GBA Black-------------------HiroProX

2G1F*1EP*C981071--GAZ Summit White ------------Cdubbcamaro

2G1F*1EP*C9801082--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-------FAST ZL1

2G1FJ1EPXC9801083--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic---maddmark54

2G1FS1EP*C981092--GBA Black---------------------Blown355

2G1Fs1EPXC9801098--GBA Black--------------------CAMCOR6

2G1FJ1EP0C9801100--GCN Victory Red--------------drb0351

2G1F*1EP*9801102-- GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic------elainehod

2G1F*1EP*C9801011--GBA Black-------------------affox83

2G1FS1EP6C9801129--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic------Sajonf

2G1F*1EP*C9801144—GBA Black------------------skoal bandit

2G1FS1EP4C9801162--GNC Victory Red----------Sleded

2G1FS1EP*C9801177--GBA Black -------------------zfuzz

2G1FJ1EP2C9801180--GBA Black--------------------Taser Deployed

2G1F*1EP*C9801183--GBA Black----------------2012ZL1

2G1FJ1EP7C9801188--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-----JR1960

2G1FS1EPXC9801196--GBA Black-----------------zl1jimbo

2G1F*1EP* C9801202--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic---piepouli



2G1FS1EP7C9801222--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic--cybercoaster

2G1FS1EP6C9801230--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-gm3rbr

2G1FS1EP7C9801236--Crystal Red Metallic--------PHANTOM

2G1F*1EP*C9801341--Color---------------------Nickey Chicago

2G1F*1EP*C9801242--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-the godfather

2G1F*1EP*C9801251--GCN Victory Red-----------Mrose

2G1FS1EP*C9801255--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic---SSmoked


2G1FS1EP*C9801265--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic --**********

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2G1FS1EP4C9801274--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-KKreme15

2G1FS1EP8C9801276--GAZ Summit White---------joezo6

2G1FS1EPXC9801277--GBA Black----------------JDT243

2G1FJ1EP8C9801278--GAZ Summit White---------paul2010

2G1FS1EP*C9801286--GBA Black ----------------jazznurse

2G1FS1EP2C9801287--GCO Rally Yellow-----------gm_joe

2G1FS1EP6C9801289--Inferno Orange------------ArisonSpeed

2G1FS1EP4C9801307--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-Joebot848

2G1F*1EP*C9801312--GLJ Ashen Grey Metallic-----tsnow

2G1FS1EP*C9801313--GBE Crystal Red Metallic -----JJ-ZL1

2G1FS1EP7C9801317--GBA Black -----------------realpro1

2G1FS1EP1C9801328—GBA Black-----------------BonestockZL1

2G1FS1EP3C9801329--GAZ Summit White---------dimitri

2G1FS1EP1C9801331--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-----Beck

2G1FS1EP4C9801338--GCO Rally Yellow------------Faulkner

2G1FS1EP2C9801340--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-rjansen

2G1F*1EP*C9801341--GBA Black-----------------Nickey Chicago

2G1F*1EP*C9801342--GCN Victory Red----------camarossss

2G1FS1EP*C9801347--GBE Crystal Red Metallic-----ZL1 TIBS

2G1FS1EP5C9801350--GCN Victory Red------------ZL1lover

2G1F*1EP*C9801364--Color--------------------THR ZL1 #1

2G1FS1EP*C9801366--GAZ Summit White-------FAIRNOT LZ1

2G1FS1EP2C9801368--GCN Victory Red------------bekboy

2G1FJ1EP9C9801371--GCO Rally Yellow--------Pappa Joe

2G1FS1EP4C9801372--GCN Victory Red----------wyoming zl1

2G1FS1EP5C9801395--Crystal Red Tintcoat------JustGeorge

2G1FJ1EP3C9801396--GCN Victory Red-----------mrwmaw

2G1FJ1EP9C9801399--GBA Black------------------Callchuck

2G1FS1EP5C9801400--Crystal Red Tintcoat-------2SSJIM

2G1FJ1EP8C9801412--GCN Victory Red-----------rgreat66

2G1FS1EP7C9801415--GAN Silver Ice Metallic-----A.J.


2G1FS1EP3C9801427--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic-btsmith81

2G1FS1EP*C9801448--GAN Silver Ice Metallic---Silverguardrail

2G1FS1EP4C9801453--GBE Crystal Red Tintcoat--Kevlar382

2G1FJ1EP4C9801455--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-2010 inferno ss

2G1F*1EP*C9801456--GCO Rally Yellow----------45th

2G1FS1EP2C9801466--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic--Whos_Drivin

2G1FS1EPXC9801473--GBE Crystal Red Metallic---ZL1nut

2G1FS1EP*C9801499--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic-z28mass


2G1FS1EP5C9801509--GBA BLACK----------------BKATZMAN

2G1FS1EP*C9801512--GCN Victory Red-----------charly_rock


2G1F*1EP*C9801564--GCN Victory Red ----------AIminiS10

2G1FS1EP8C9801567--GCN Victory Red------------zl1cam580

2G1FS1EP5C9801588--GAZ Summit White----------PNYSLAR


2G1F*1EP*C9801592--GBA Black----------------Kmax

2G1FS1EPXC9801604--GBA Black------------------kimbrot69

2G1FS1EP3C9801606--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic--SSTAT

2G1F*1EP*C9801609--GBA Black------------------mmarx82

2G1FS1EP2C9801614--GBA Black-----------------chrise

2G1FS1EP2C9801645--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic--toddsZL1

2G1F********1658--GBA Black-----------------2011 Camaro SS

2G1FS1EP4C9801677--GCN Victory Red-----------mxkx250

2G1F*1EP*C9801691--GBA Black-----------------firecross91

2G1FS1EP3C9801699--GBA Black-------------------gblaue

2G1F*1EP*C9801737--GLJ Ashen Gray Metallic------Dirk

2G1FS1EP0C9801739--GCR Inferno Orange Metallic--butch32

2G1FJ1EP8C9801765--GAZ Summit White-----------AZ-ZL1


2G1FS1EP1C9801684--GCN Victory Red-------------J Pierce

2G1F*1EP*C9801745--GBA Black-------------------BrazenBeast

2G1FS1EP*C9801771—GCN Victory Red-------------autoguy

2G1FS1EP9C9801772--GBA Black------------------Joco28

2G1FS1EP8C9801777--GCN Victory Red-------------Paulg680

2G1F*1EP*C9801786--GCN Victory Red------------JWR046

2G1FS1EP*C9801817--GCN Victory Red------------ScoMac

2G1F*****C9801822--GBA Black---------------2012-1822

2G1FS1EP7C9801883--GCR Inferno Orange Met----hamp

joining the club guys. bought my zl1 from a former member 2 days ago. I love my z. my dad has a z06 and hes jealous now. cheers
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Pics & story coming soon, tx!
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I was without my 2010 SS camaro for about 10 days. ZL1 was very unexpected. Now I guess I have to change my cyber2SS name now!
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Originally Posted by big dave View Post
2013 Coupe
Blue Ray Metallic
Pretty much every options except for Nav.
I think you type the wrong vin... No vin listed. I think the last eight should start with a D not a 0...
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Black Vert Auto
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opppppsss we have twins

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