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Originally Posted by jake2212 View Post
Day chevrolet in uniontown pennsylvania was awesome! they really knew their stuff and did everything they could to make the buying experience as great as it was. not one bad thing to say about them
That's surprising because Day Chevrolet in Monroeville, PA on golden mile highway is TERRIBLE.
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2nd on paradise chevy in temecula being awful. from sales to service its a stealership.

i would add that mark christopher (all gm) in ontario is a quality dealer. Bought my car there 4 years ago. Will buy my wifes caddy there. Only dealer i will ever let touch any of my cars again in socal... figured out a oil pressure issue when i had something in my pickup tube. 4 other dealers told me it was fine.
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Dealership....not sure if counts as they are not a Chevy dealer, but they were patient and made me feel as if I left the place with a great deal.

Hyundai on Perryville in Rockford, IL.

We actually made the deal for the Camaro on the phone going back and forth over a couple hours as I was playing games online.
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old school chevy rodder
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stealership capitol chevy salem Oregon
Dealership ron tonkin chevy Portland Oregon
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OK for New Jersey...

Stealership: Pine Belt Chevrolet (on Route 88 in Lakewood)
Dealership: Circle Chevrolet (in Shrewsbury)

When I bought my current Camaro I went to Pine Belt first and it just didn't seem like they wanted to sell me a car that day. The car that I wanted was something that they just couldn't seem to find (I think they wanted to sell me something off their lot).

When I stopped into Circle Chevrolet, the mood of just walking in the front door seemed better already. They didn't have the exact car I wanted, but they found it in Pennsylvania (the same way Pine Belt could have...if they wanted to) and the sales experience couldn't have gone better from start to finish.

As for my trade in, Pine Belt low-balled me and when I didn't seem happy about the offer they started offering me more money for my trade-in. With Circle Chevrolet the first offer for a trade-in value was more (slightly) than the eventual last offer from Pine Belt.

One other thing is that I had a $1,000 Chevrolet Loyalty Check to use for my purchase. With Pine Belt they wanted to give me $1,000 worth of add-ons and use the coupon that way. With Circle Chevrolet, they let me take the $1,000 off the price of the deal they made me for the car.

Without a doubt...Dealership = Circle Chevrolet (Shrewsbury). Stealership = Pine Belt (Route 88 in Lakewood).
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DFW-Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet
DFW-Classic Chevrolet
Lake Charles, LA-Billy Navarre

DFW-Bankston Chevrolet (Autonation)
DFW-Moritz Chevrolet

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Stealer - Mac Haik in Houston TX
Sealer - Munday in Houston TX

Dealer - Classic Chevrolet in Sugarland TX (MSRP only)
Dealer - Buckalew in Conroe TX
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The Stig
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Thanks everyone,

I'll be updating the OP (with links to the posts with stories) sometime tomorrow.
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Dealership - Heritage Chevrolet; Chester, VA great experience with Customer Service
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Good dealer- Shepperds Chevrolet- Rochester, Indiana
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Bad Dealership - Chapman Chevrolet (Philadelphia)

Good Dealerships

Del Chevrolet (Paoli)
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Dealership: FH Daily Chevrolet, San Leandro CA

Good to deal with and no issues about mt GM Family discount. They also did me right about NOT taking my lease as trade-in (it was better to just pay the last three payments and "ground" it)
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Originally Posted by RJT-SS View Post
Dealership: Banner Chevy, New Orleans, LA

Purchase: I checked most dealerships from Baton Rouge to Mobile, AL. I got the first price from Banner and it turned out to be best.

Service: I have only been to their service dept twice but so far so good. Neither of my issues have been mod-related though.
So according to "your" rules. If you do have a drivetrain or engine issue, and they run the calibrations in your ECM through the system as they are required to by GM. Then your powertrain warranty gets voided as it is suppose to under GM's guidelines, they will then become a stealership in your eyes?????????????? No self accountability even comes into question here????
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British Columbia

Good: Dueck on Marine, Vancouver
Good: Don Folk Kelowna

Bad: Bannisters in Vernon and Salmon Arm
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Stealership - Kocourek in Wausau, WI

Did damage to my camaro, refused to repair it saying it was fine. After threatening lawyers on them they ended up paying another shop to fix it which was a little over $3,000. The guy I dealt with at the dealership was a complete waste of life and the owner wasn't much better.

Oh not to mention they try to drag out any issues that would be covered under warrenty so that when warrenty is up you all of a sudden have tons of issues that need fixing.

Stealership - Brickners of Wausau

Bought two cars from them the same day. One was a brand new 08 heritage 300c, other was a 06 charger r/t. They were very friendly at first until our two sales. I was in the marker for a new car (wanted a challenger before a camaro) and they were extremly rude to me and wouldn't allow me to test drive the SRT8 they had on the lot. They also registered the 300 at over 100k miles so warrenty was scrap (even though we onlu put 28k on the car) and it took a month of dicking around to get it taken care of. They also installed cheap breaks on the car but charged us for their higher quality ones and again it was a hissy fit.

Dealership - O'maleys in Wausau, WI

Very friendly, they seem to be the only dealership I've been at tjat seems to care about you and your car. The owners are very down to earth. They also do good quality work and I always do repeated business with them
No negatives so far.

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Dealership: Lassen Chevy, Albany OR

Stealership: Alan Webb Chevy, Vancouver WA
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Hope someone in NC can chime in with dealer reputable IN NC 80 mile radius of GSO in the event of warranty repairs.

This is an excellent sticky for camaro and chevy owners.
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