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Old 01-07-2013, 06:19 PM   #113
Drives: 2013 2SS
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Sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead but I would like to know the part numbers for the front guards as well. I was quoted today by a well respected vendor here on this forum a price that is nearly double for the fronts versus the rears, can this be correct? I see no reason it should be but the fronts are north of 50 bucks each..anyone clear this up for me?

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Correct, the front "air deflectors" are $50+ each, don't know why but they are. They install to the front of the wheel well, not the rear of the wheel well so they do nothing to protect the side of the car from debris. They are meant to direct air around the front tires of the ZL1, part of the overall aero package on those cars.
Ed M.
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Just installed the ZL1 Splash Guards on my 2012 RS Vert.
They are the perfect blend of form, fit and function.

You don't even notice that they are there, but they do a great job of keeping road tar off the lower rear quarter panels.
Well worth the $65 a pair, including shipping.

Here are a few pics.


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Finally Satisfied
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Decided to install mine today. Dremeled off the two "nubs" on the back around the top hole. Allowed the top to mount a little more flush.
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Old 05-08-2013, 05:58 PM   #117
So easy to love Camaros
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if you're looking for a set of front Rock/Splash guards that match your ZL1 guards PM me.

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Old 06-03-2013, 04:25 PM   #118
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Drives: 2010 ZL575 - 1973 Z28
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So, the video that Ofer posted was of P/N 22895336/37 which are for behind the rear tires trim and flipped around and placed infront of the front tires (air deflectors)? What is/are the part numbers for ZL1 Splash guards for behind the front wheels and what is being used in front of the rear tires as "air deflectors". Basically can anyone put the part numbers on here to cover both the splash guards (behind the tires protecting our rockers etc.) and the "air deflectors" for infront of the tires for both front and rear?
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Old 06-06-2013, 02:39 PM   #119
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Drives: 2010 ZL575 - 1973 Z28
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Found this today:
ZL1 Part Numbers:
  • Strut Tower Brace (LT, SS, 1LE) - 22756880
  • Wheel Hubs (ZL1, 1LE) (4) - 25954415
  • Front Coil Spring (SS, 1LE) (2) - 92245257
  • Front Strut (1LE) (passenger side) - 22812984
  • Front Strut (1LE) (driver side) - 22812985
  • Front Sway Bar (1LE) - 22812946
  • Front Sway End Link (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (passenger side) - 22842515
  • Front Sway End Link (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (driver side) - 22842516
  • Rear Shock Mount (ZL1, 1LE) (passenger side upper) - 22836734
  • Rear Shock Mount (ZL1, 1LE) (driver side upper) - 22836727
  • Rear Coil Spring (SS, 1LE) (2) - 92195466
  • Rear Shocks (1LE) (2) - 22812987
  • Rear Sway Bar (ZL1, 1LE) - 22786260
  • Rear Sway Bar Endlink (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (2) - 22761221
  • Rear Lower Control Arm (SS, ZL1, 1LE) (2) - 20942237 (Needed for 2010-2011 car conversion)
  • Rear Toe Link (ZL1, 1LE) (2) - 22845487
  • 3.91 Gears only ( 1LE ) - 22813040
  • Front Splitter kit ( 1LE ) - 22950575
  • Wheels 20x10 Black ( ZL1-1LE ) - 22798741
  • Wheels 20x11 Black ( ZL1-1LE ) - 22798743
  • 2012 Black Painted Hood Insert - 22849323
  • 2012-13 "Exposed" Hood Insert - 22845156
  • Shifter Boot-Suede - 24261464
  • Shifter Boot-Leather - 24263725
  • Steering Wheel-Suede - 22813848
  • Steering Wheel-Leather - 22813852
  • Rear Spoiler - 22828467
  • Fog Light-LH/RH - 10335108
  • Fog Light Bezel-LH - 22895339
  • Fog Light Bezel-RH - 22895338
  • Front Lower Fascia/Splitter - 22894223
  • Front Fascia - 22831868
  • Wheel Polished Front - 9599037
  • Wheel Polished Rear - 9599038
  • Emblem "ZL1" Hood - 22830718
  • Emblem "ZL1" RR.Deck - 22830719
  • Fender:RH - 20943622
  • Fender:LH - 20943621
  • Liner-Frt Whl Hse-LH - 20952837
  • Liner-Frt Whl Hse-RH - 20952838
  • Valance Kit For Front Wheel House-Liners - 22757643 (These are the two wheel liner extensions on the bottom, they come in a kit and dealer must install these as part of the PDI procedure)
  • Extension-Frt Whl Hse-LH - 22895341
  • Extension-Frt Whl Hse-RH - 22895340 (These are the pieces that "stick-out" of the front of the wheelhouse-liners,also called "guards")
  • Hood - 22824393
  • ZL1 Grille - 22893907
  • ZL1 Grille Emblem - 22830717
  • ZL1 Headlamp Housing - LH-20981021 / RH-20981022 (Same as other "RS" Camaro's)
  • ZL1 Dash Emblem - Dash ZL1 emblem only part of trim piece applique - 22967691
  • Camaro Emblem - 22752666 (Same as other Camaro's)
  • ZL1 Rear Bumper - 22894196
  • ZL1 Rear Valence - 22894221
  • ZL1 Rear Fascia Splash Shields - LH - 22895337 / RH-22895336
  • ZL1 Exhaust Tips - Not Available Separately- Must Buy Complete"CAT-BACK" SYSTEM - 22874269
  • ZL1 Exhaust Heat Shields - LH - 20957053 / RH - 20957052
  • ZL1 Rear Diff Housing - 22860925 (This is an empty housing-NO internals)
  • ZL1 Gears A/M 3.23 / 3.73 - 3.23 - 22835277 / 3.73 - 22835278 (Ring and pinion gears only)
  • ZL1 Complete Differential Asm. w/Internals - 3.23 - 20931134 / 3.73 - 20931133
  • Front Seat Cover Driver Bottom - 20996226
  • Front Seat Cover Driver Back - 22795649
  • Front Seat Cover Passenger Bottom - 20996215
  • Front Seat Cover Passenger Back - 22795669
  • Headrests (complete assemblies,no separate covers available) - LH/RH are the same - 20996228
  • Rear Seat Covers Bottom - 20996254
  • Rear Seat Covers Back - 20996242
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Wink Another possible option ?

Originally Posted by Tribute View Post
Ofer - .... Also do you either of you think that if you got an extra set of the rear splash guard as depicted in this thread, it could be installed in the rear of the front wheel well to give added protection to the gill area? I'm not sure if the side rocker alone is enough protection?

Originally Posted by bee sting View Post
....What's the purpose of the fronts ? Doesn't look like these would keep things from flying up and hitting the sides of the car. Plus will these bolt up to a stock nose .
Originally Posted by twentytwelvebee View Post
looks to me like the front is a cosmetic mod. i dont know why GM didnt make some for the front to face the rear. maybe they figured the rockers provide enough protection.
Originally Posted by edog View Post
Not bad, but I must say I like my original better.

Very nice for the money though.
Tribute, Bee sting, & 2012bee bring up serious valid points ... none of these are long enough to adequately protect from the sand blasting assault of road rash, tar, salt and in the case of Edog, though they look OK molded splash guards that wrap around the fender are renown for sealing in moister mixed with sand salt and acid rain. I prefer to see as much factory paint as possible.

When the SVT Ford Raptor ( below ) was launched with extra wide tires Ford engineers felt the ventilated step bars would protect the truck from road rash. It didn't. they had a "huge" problem with rock chips so they sourced a solution that complimented the sleek lines of the Raptors louvered Hood, fender and side gills/vents. On one forum, even when raptor owners complained to the engineers about the huge problem they (engineers )maintained that that's what the step bars were engineered to do ... NOT ! a result these air extractor'd high performance splash guards became the most popular selling splashguards for this truck.

They also make'm for tuners and high performance cars ...

Just like lemans closed wheel racing the air flows through the vents to help cool tires and brakes from otherwise recirculated ( heated ) air in the fender cavity. During rain, just as Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, charger, inner vented fender wells optimize cooling while dispersing rain from fenderwells for max traction, this tech appears to be a literal extension of already proven race tech but applied to spray guards, underscoring the ultimate solution to achieving max protection for high performance cars, and in the case of the camero further enhancing the sleek lines and smooth contours of its own louvered hood, side and rear diffusers/gills accomplishing the best of both worlds.
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Sorry, but those vented guards look like shit on the "camero."

Do you write copy for the company's products? That was like reading an ad.

EDIT: Never mind. This guy's first (and so far only) two posts are promoting these vented guards. Some kind of shill.
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911 Medic

right your are then ... and I really do mean that. Just trying to make a difference. Personal taste is what makes the world go around ... its hard to imagine ...there are folks who don't even like the look of the Camaro or anything GM or anything Ford etc. I say more power to'm ... thank goodness not everyone wants one ... afterall variety is the spice of life. Can you imagine all being the same ? Having a voice is what makes America so great. Seems everyone on the forum are looking for options ... Cheers

Happy independance day to all !
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when I pull up the part number on GM Parts House numbers there is an option for the 2012 and 2013 - is there a difference?
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Wanting to do this.
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ZL1 rear splash shields installed

I have a brand new set in box not using will part with 80 plus shipping. Front and back

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Sorry for reviving this old thread!

But I couldn't verify if late production 09 SS models need any modification. Someone mentioned in this thread that early produced Camaros upto 2012 needed some kind of modification?
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