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Wowzers thats quite the difference, ill go dig out my old 3.2 pistons and take some pics of how mine look in comparison. By the way my car was already on 52000 miles when i opened it up to find this.

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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
Here is a note from a customer that waited the long lead time to get his RX system and got the rings to loosen back up and get seated properly:

Hey Tracy, Just wanted to thank you, and everyone at RevXtreme. I bought a catch can from you, for my 2005 CTS. Well since installing it i'm not consuming any oil anymore. I've had a close eye on the oil level since i have installed it and it hasn't used a drop. I don't know how or what that catch can has done to prevent the oil consumption. (I've read your tech tips article and understand the concept of how a catch can work.) I guess i am just baffeled that it something so simple like that could work.

Anyway just wanted to thank you. I was at my last wits end with this car and was about to put it back on the market, after the dealer replaced two motors under warrenty.

I'll be purchasing another catch can from you in the future. I have a 2000 Camaro SS that is getting a turbo as we speak, as a fun project street car.

But thanks again. It was definetly worth the wait.

Gabe Moulden
It makes perfect sense why it would stop the build-up on the valves, etc. but why would a catch can "stop" oil consumption? It seems like the same amount of oil vapors would get pulled through the PCV system, and instead of disappearing into your intake manifold and turning into carbon deposits on your valves it stays in the can - either way you're still going to "lose" the same amount of oil?

Edit: So I read one of Tracy's post from another thread and think I have the answer to my question above - if I'm wrong please chime in. So it sounds like the oil going through the PCV system isn't the major source of oil loss, the oil loss is actually coming from improperly seating piston rings that allow oil to get into the combustion chamber on each stroke. With a catch can installed and no oil vapors coming in through the intake valves improperly seated rings may have the opportunity to reseat themselves without the contamination and thus stop or reduce the oil consumption.

Tracy did I get that right?


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