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Glen e

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And kinda what it is here:

Also, if you have some dirt on the rockers or lower parts - a great way to get rid of it before the rinseless is a "grout sponge" from Lowes or HD. It holds an amazing amount of liquid and is designed to clean grout out without scratching the tile. Rinse in a separate bucket.
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Detailing for non detailers:click here

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Rinseless washing has come a long way in the last few years and converting over to Garry Deans single bucket method is like adding a turbo to the operation. It is sad that some still have to be led kicking and screaming into new methods till they see the benefits of this extremely simple method. I keep a bucket loaded with micro fibers and covered with a gamma lid. I can add my distilled water and rinseless product and be ready in minutes when a need arises. No dragging out a hose and ton of other stuff. Glen e has demonstrated it as well as anyone I've seen so far and if this doesn't convince one to give it a try then maybe there is no hope for ya.
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That's just it for me... I work 14 hour days so there's no time to just give the camaro a bath after work, and days off are already full up with a laundry list of projects. dragging the hose and buckets and all that jazz out is just a pain. Either I'm running through a pay'n'wash or the poor car just stays dirty for longer than it should.

But this, I like this! Finally get to keep the Green looking like it should!
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