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Originally Posted by NYJets77 View Post
every time its happened, I was stuck behind slow moving traffic (I was probably in 2nd gear), hit the turn signal down, and caught the paddle by accident (no mittens). As I'm entering the new lane, I hear the engine racing and look down and see M1. Of course, by that time, someone has came up fast behind me and is now beeping and wondering why I changed lanes and didn't accelerate. Its quite annoying.
This makes sense now. Thank you.
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As Angrybird12 has said, in 2012 Chevy split the LS model line into the 1LS and the 2LS, with the 2LS being identical in features to the 1LS (formerly just the "LS"), except for these differences:
  • *Taller axle ratio (2.92:1 vs 3.27:1) for higher MPG-the 2LS is the only V6 rated at 30 mpg Hwy)
    *No "sport mode"
    *No TapShift. Instead, switching the shifter to "M" puts the transmission into Electronic Range Select (ERS) mode, which only allows you to tell the car the max gear it can shift to. They say this feature is useful for towing or descending a steep grade (engine braking).
So, if you have a 2LS, hitting your paddles in D will do nothing, and apparently if you have a 2010-11 it will do nothing as well.
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Affirmative I have a 2012 2SS/RS Auto n I can downshift on D n shift up..
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Sometimes my car does this,
and sometimes it doesn't do that.
Not sure why, but it sometimes it does or doesn't....
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Dr feelgood
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Originally Posted by Steven13 View Post
lol please people stop with the "my car does that" and the "my car doesnt do that". the op was just posting about an annoyance and requested a solution. this guy just got major spammed with senseless posts.

my suggestion is wiring a switch with double poles (one switch functions 2 items without shorting them) on to the steering column out of the way of your hands. a flush push momentary, or tactile switch (coupled with relays) would be an awesome mod
ha ha ..senseless posts are normal here....arguing is also common ...people commenting on senseless posts with more senseless posts seems to be the next big thing

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Originally Posted by dkp2LT View Post
I know that the M has different, more sporty, shift points -
That would be "Sport" mode. No tap shifting involved.
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Drives: 2012 2SS W/RS "VERT"
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Is there a way to disable that feature when in D on the SS?

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That happened to me once when I had the car in D. I have a 2012 2LT RS.
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do I think tap shift should be disabled?

absolutely... shifting should be a privilege reserved for manual cars only!

the see me trollin'....they hatin'

but on a more serious note i think tapshift is a fun way to have more control.. if i had an auto i'd def want tapshift.. they should just let you have a way of disabling in case of accidental use..
i just believe in saving the manuals.. seeing dealerships not having my options because most of them are auto makes me wanna roar.. 20+ Camaros and only 2 stick? wth...
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Another here, my 13 will tap shift in D, now I don't see how you'd hit the shift "button" while trying to signal a lane change...but I guess somehow you did...

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100% Sport Møde
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I'm the opposite, I wish full auto could be disabled because I only use tap shift, lol. BTW, 2011 1LT/RS won't go into tap shift in D, only M.
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