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Tell him you'll spot him by 1 car and beat him by 3. In all honesty, those cars are pretty light and can move quick. So, you better not be asleep at the jump!
Sincere Thanks to City Chevrolet, Charlotte, NC
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Originally Posted by camslambam View Post
I'm guessing a duster win....

Just not seeing an untuned L99 winning this one... Might be wrong though.
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Really old I know

I am new, was actually the first time I saw this forum while googling, and read this post. Very interested, I know it was like two years ago but was wondering did you race, had me on the edge of my seat, and I am sure anyone else who stumbles upon this post.

Here is my input for anyone who reads this old post, as both a chevy and mopar fan I can boast for both.

The fastest factory released Plymouth duster was released in 70-71, 340, it weighs in around 2900-3200 in stock trim depending on options, that's quite few hundred less than the camaro ss. That and only that duster in factory trim would run 13.2 all day long, consistantly (depending on driver). I know I had one completely stock. Chrysler under rated them on purpose, the HP numbers they used were at the wheels not crank, which is also why NASCAR booted them back in the day. It was rated at 275 (wheels). Your camaro while much more power than that, would be neck and neck because of the weight ratio. Also the 340 duster came with either a 3.73:1 or 3.91:1 sure grip rear which will do well in the quarter. Stock ss are turning around 13.1 to 13.7 depending on driver. All other stock dusters, darts and demons with slant six, 273, 318 or 360 stock will fail miserably to the camaro. So 70-71 340 duster, dart, demon, stock vs stock it will be close, very close.

On to modified, mopar guys (also being one myself) are like the girl to guy thing, If a guy says hes been with 10 girls its more like 3, if a girl says she has been with 10 guys its more like 30. Mopar guys are the same way, so if one tells you he or she is pushing 450hp its probably more like 650. One thing for any stock ss owner to look for first when boasting to someone with a chrysler A-body is, does it have aluminum heads? It doesn't really matter which engine big or small block if its got aluminum heads on a mopar, hang it up you will loose if your stock. If the car that was in question when this post was written was in fact a big block car, say a 440, keep in mind that the stock early 70's 440 was rated at 375 (again wheel hp), so with just an intake, cam, good carb and headers, your looking at well over 450 claimed hp, and a car that is allot lighter. If I had to guess, based off what the original poster stated and the pics of the car, I would say it looks more like an 11.5 - 11.9 car maybe quicker depending on total setup and driver. That is the best I can do with out seeing, and hearing it along with talking to the owner...

Long and short, if the race did take place it was probably a massacre and the writer bought the burger. Anyone who finds this and reads it like I did remember what I said here, chrysler A-bodies are stout runners, do not get sand bagged by one, however it is all in fun unless it is for money, in which case do what I do, if you know your out gunned, don't bet any money.

Keep up the good work guys and gals, I am loving the look of the new camaros and what people are doing with them. Seen one hit 11.2 the other day at MIR and his only modds he said was the kenney bell, exhaust and tune..
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One more thing before I go for tonight, if your sizing up a big block mopar (excluding 426 hemi and 426 max wedge) remember that the 383, 400, 413, and 440 are limited on power due to head design and valve train geometry. For my chevy guys think of it like a 454 with the peanut heads on it. It cannot produce huge numbers without either max wedge heads, B-1 heads or some custom race heads. The B-1's and Max's will be labeled as such by the header flange usually. If you happen to see this while sizing up the competition I can tell you that the 3600+ dollars they spent in those heads will more than likely be barfing out 750+ hp cause they have put allot more into that build than you can see, unless ofcorse they just bought those heads an ran out of money, but I cant think for the life of me why anyone would do that. Food for thought...
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Yeah, I expect if the OP had won he would have posted. When the OP wrote bigger engine, not big block, I thought stroker engine.

If I were to put together a small block Duster, the engine would be similar to this;

The Duster owner knows what the gen 5s are capable of, but we don't know what he has.
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Account not blocked
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get some fuzzy dice, then race him
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That or he decided to street race and didnt post the results because of that. Seems like people cant just except I won, they want timesplips.
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