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but with the right mods, a v6 can win too...
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Foxbody 5.0 you have a chance if it is stock. Ask yourself how many stock Foxbods are still out there? Chances are it ain't stock. You gotta mod if you want to compete. Even then, there's always someone faster.
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Model bashing or anything close is not allowed here. Please stop.
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I really love how every v8 owner on here (a camaro site) down talks the v6. I can see if outsiders did it but a camaro site. We all own camaros here people besides the engine they are the same. A superchargered v6 can beat a v8. So theirs Potential there. I just don't get how v8 owners on here down talk the v6. It's like bullying your little brother in school just to look good with the cool kids. Pathetic ego headed v8 owners.

Well, you guys sort of bring it on yourself when you make comments like, "just take a turn, he'll never be able to keep up!" when you're presumably referring to a Coyote 5.0(before we knew he was talking about a fox body). And if you think the SS is the same car as a V6 with a bigger engine in it, you've got a lot to learn.

Ask yourself how many stock Foxbods are still out there? Chances are it ain't stock.
Pretty much. While a fox 5.0 might be slower stock for stock, they're stupid easy and cheap to at least get down in the 13s. They didn't make a bunch of power, but they were very light.
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you guys can stop picking on each other...I am allowing myself to be picked on since I only have a 4 banger now
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Run his ass anyway off the line then make a turn!! I do it all the time!!
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Originally Posted by bluebeastsrt View Post
And how does that 4 banger do when you throw a curve at it?

Mine does awesome ...
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I wouldn't screw around with some of the Fox bodies I've seen, not even with my ZL1. The guys who kept those 5.0 Fox's have some $ put in them and only do one thing in them. Go fast in a straight line.
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I Love my new Camaro!!
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[QUOTE=AmericanMuscleCars;6624695] riced out honda civic with a fart can.QUOTE]

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Originally Posted by MBS View Post
Take a fast left and leave him in the dust, You car will out corner him all day long , Going straight is boring , lol, Just add some Mods first then surprise him

Unfortunately, he'll beat you tgere as well.
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