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Originally Posted by skibik View Post
at $25 for 6 months is not a bad deal but you have to realize it is only for 6 months! It's at least $15 a month after that. Which means you have to let it expire and wait for the next deal in the mail or the phone call or pay the high premium. Why bother. JMO.

Actually you can set that up as reoccurring. I told the rep I wasn't interested if I would just get the promo and then have to call back and fight for it every 6 months. I told him the only way I would renew is if the promo was reoccurring. He did it and I have been paying that same rate now.
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I have Xm in my DD,but I drive my Camaro so little,I stick to my USB port.
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You don't need a card. Just call them telling them that you want to cancel your subscription to XM satellite radio on the LAST DAY of your subscription.

They will then ask you for a reason why you are canceling. I said because I listen to music on my Iphone. Then they will try to convince you to resubscribe. Now, I'm paying $5 a month for Howard Stern and all the premium channels for 6 months.
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Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
Whenever they would bug me to renew if tell them I wasn't going to, they'd offer me some deal, and then if send them a check.

After reading the dozens of horror stories about them charging people's cards I will never give them a card number.
I threatened to cancel, and they gave me a full year for $96. Right about the credit card..never give them one.
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