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OC12, the TB doesn't add that much more volume (Sound note) to the cabin. However, if you go straight back from the cat's into an aftermarket system it's going to get loud and you may experience some vibration as well. I'm no expert on exhaust's, but they do move under pressure and if they are pushed up against the under carriage for lack of proper bracing it would be hard for the cars insulation to absorb the harmonics that would be generated by the two surfaces touching. Chase may be a good person to PM on this as he deals with a variety of exhaust systems with different set-ups. Right now it looks like your set-up is pretty much what I have. For my personal taste, it's perfect... idle is a low rumble, driving is smooth and you can talk or listen to music without any problems at all. When you jump on it, the car responds well and sounds great. I'm sticking with what I have for now. I'm almost certain that I'll add a CAI but I'm going to give the car about 2 more weeks to settle in with the TB because I only drive it on weekends.

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Originally Posted by Gen-X45 View Post
I have the MRT V2's with the Magnaflow X-Pipe installed. I bought them at the same time. I installed the V2's first and ran them for about a month or so. A lot of the C5 members report the drone going away or becoming less noticeable as time goes on, this is true, the car does adjust. However, I was still getting just enough drone that I decided to add the x-pipe. I've had this set up for about 6 weeks now. There are a few things to think about...

1. If you don't mind a little drone, the V2's sound amazing for an axle back all on their own. Although at first you may think "holy s--t what did I do because initially, it is louder inside the cabin because your ears are use to no sound at all from the stock set-up.

2. When you add the x-pipe, it takes away the rasp, but in my opinion, still sounds great and I can't tell the difference in the sound volume itself. The exhaust note is smooth and there is no drone at all (at least with my car there hasn't been) throughout the entire speed and RPM range.

3. When I added in the x-pipe, the car became much more settled. it moved off the line better, everything was better. The car got up to RPM faster, idle was better. It behaved a lot like some of the members are reporting for the Vmax TB install.

4. A lot of the C5 members like to hear that "crackle" in their exhaust note, I'm one of them... when I added in the x-pipe, there was a lot LESS crackle, but you have to take the good with the bad and for my personal preference. I'd rather have the performance aspects that the x-pipe brings to the table consistently.

The only other mod I have on my car right now in regard to performance is a K&N drop in filter. Which does very little in terms of WOW factor, but it is better than stock and I have it in place until I can decide if I want a CAI or not.

I have a Vmax TB on order, it will be here on Tuesday. I'll be out of town after Thursday so I'll install the TB Tuesday and get as much drive time on that as I can. If you're interested in knowing how that works with the current mod's, PM me and I'll come back and post my thoughts out here for you and the other viewing members. I live in California so it's an act of God to find a good set-up that allows for both performance and still be CARB Legal. CAI's are not even legal here, seriously... When you see mod's advertised that say 49 state legal. Rest assure, that the one state that it isn't is California... but hey, we have miles of beaches with naked and half naked women running around so again. You have to take the good with the bad LOL.

At the end of the day. I'm really glad that I did the mod's in stages because there really is a performance difference when you add the x-pipe. Had I not done this, I would have never known what really balanced out the performance aspects of the car. Over all I'm really pleased with everything that I've done. I never wanted to disturbed the peace with my exhaust system. I just like pissing off the dude down the street from me that drives a Prius.
Really appreciate this post - you answered quite a few questions. Ordering an MRT V2 & Magnaflow X-Pipe right now.
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Glad I could help Cv9, I hope you enjoy the set up as much as I do... I added the Vmax TB, I've had it on for awhile now every little bit helps and the Vmax TB does show an improvement at the lower RPM range.
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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
I wish someone made a resonated XPipe that will fit a convertible without modifying the underbody bracing.
Have you found one yet? I found out shortly after receiving my x pipe that it wouldnt fit underneath the convertible :( I have been waiting for one to pop up but no luck. PM me if you do
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Originally Posted by LBreezie View Post
Have you found one yet? I found out shortly after receiving my x pipe that it wouldnt fit underneath the convertible :( I have been waiting for one to pop up but no luck. PM me if you do
I quit looking, someone said you can use washers and space out the underbody plate enough for clearance but I don't want to do that. I don't know if its better now or I am just used to it but I don't pay any attention to drone any more. I think it sounds great, especially with the top down.
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Souldnt have a problem removing the stock resonators.I had the resonated x pipe, cai, t/b, MRT V2 and shorty headers on my 2010 LT. I removed the 2 stock resonators after the mufflers were broken in. It sounded great, no drone, just a bit more volume and a deeper ,more base sound
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mrt v2, resonator delete, x-pipe

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