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white ZL1

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Originally Posted by Pro Stock John View Post
I think before you start throwing money at the car, you should step back and think on this. If you look at the slip I posted above, your car is low mph in the 1/8 and the ET should be lower I think. IMO....

1) Make sure you are not running with TCS on
2) Make sure your car is shifting at the right rpms for your combo, maybe some quicker blowered guys can suggest what they use.
3) Your short times should be at least 1.8's. Make sure you are getting real heat into those tires, and make sure you are lining up in the groove. Are you spinning or does it dead hook? You need to know.
4) Fix whatever is not right. Go back. Repeat.
100% agree.
You have an issue that you need to sort out. Sometimes it's not always as easy as "buy parts, run fast".
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I agree with everything that's the been said so far. Careful mixing those tires as someone has pointed out, can be pretty dangerous.

I think there's more on the table with some tuning and a CAI kit. Approx. 30-40 RWHP.
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Pro Stock John
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1.98 on slicks? Track suck? That 60 is very weak for a slick. I just went 1.66 on 18" Nittos.
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I agree with PSJ and everyone else on this one.

I know how fustrating it can be to try and get the time that you want. But the real trick is mastering the setup that you have before taking the next step or buying new stuff. I thank PSJ for really highlighting that for me.

Yes you could probably invest more money into the car and make it faster then what it is now, but you would still be leaving the possibility for improvement on the table.

Focus on practicing and getting that 60ft down. I too ran a 1.72 on 18" drag radials -with stock gear, stock suspension,and stock rear end... so you with slicks should be able to get numbers even lower then that. So i see that as the biggest area of opportunity right now. Don't look at any other number on that time slip until you get the 60ft down. It took me several trips and passes at the track to lower my 60ft. I started at 1.9x's and now have the right feel for the launch to where i am confident now. Thats all it takes is more seat time really.

just my .02's
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As said above, find out what is going on at the launch. With slicks the 60' should be much better. I'm cutting 1.6's on 18" hoosier drs with only 3.23 gears so there's more left in your combo as it sits. If your not spinning is it bogging? Computer pulling timing (car falls on its face)? Find out what's wrong now before putting more money in it or it will only frustrate you worse
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Supercharged SS
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14# in a slick on a 4k# car is a bad idea. Especially with radials out front. 17-18 is fine. No need to go lower than that. If it doesn't hook then adjust your burnout.
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Originally Posted by Pro Stock John View Post
Stock converter?

Here is an example of another car, a Convertible, small cam, stock converter, full exhaust on 22's:
Nice reaction time????

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