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Yes only camaro that does not need additive is a V6 auto
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you should be changing it by 1500 miles for the 1st time. Everything needs to break in. The fluid will be bad by then. then you can go with the recommended intervals. just change it every 10,000.
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Originally Posted by Indy Bumble Bee View Post
Too clarify changing rear diff. on a v6...

Automatic no additive needed
Manual-additive needed

Like rtcat600man said...after the car is jacked up, take out the top bolt first and clean off the plug...make sure you keep the o-ring if it falls off when you take it out.

Next, put a pan under the bottom plug and take out that plug. (BEWARE use gloves!!!! This fluid is nasty smelling and it is difficult to get rid of). Again, clean that plug.

Some people move their jack up and down to get every last drop. I didn't find this necessary so I just put the bottom plug in. It is a little tricky getting the fluid bottle to fit correctly to fill the the top plug. You may have to squeeze the bottle and move it around to get it to go in. Then put the top plug back in.

After you have the plugs in, take if into a parking lot and do some figure 8's to get the fluid moving around the gears.
This is the thread I went by when I changed mine.
thanks for the write up
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Chu no guat a hasa is?
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UnEasy Rider
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Pardon my ignorance, but what does the tranny have to do with the dif oil?

V8 M6 LSD here....
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Originally Posted by UnEasy Rider View Post
Pardon my ignorance, but what does the tranny have to do with the dif oil?

V8 M6 LSD here....
By reading the earlier posts, you would clearly see why:

ALL V-8 models and the M6 V-6 models require additive in the rear diff fluid.

V-6 A6 cars do not require the additive.

John B.
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The v6 auto cars have an open differential the remainder have a limited slip with a clutch pak.
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We are getting conflicting opinions here... Some say the V-8 has a clutch pack and some say it is the newer knuckle type. Then there are the statements (above) saying the V-6 units are open diffs and don't need the additive.
I checked with the dealer today and they told me it is not required, based on my VIN #. I bought a bottle anyway, figuring it would not hurt the diff, only my wallet. - @ $8.95 per bottle, it's pretty cheap insurance.
It's safe to say that the vehicle should be fully warmed up prior to dropping the fluid, in order to get any contaminants into suspension.
Comments , of course.
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