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Chevy Camaro vs... Comparison of Chevy Camaro versus its competition. *NO STREET RACING STORIES*

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Originally Posted by wnt2gofst View Post
From a 60 roll he is in trouble. There is vids popping up everywhere of new M5's pulling stock C6Z06's. If the driver knows what he is doing in the M5.

from my S4 in your sisters bed


I guess I'm out of the loop. I didn't realize M5's were that powerful.

EDIT: Just doing a really quick search on them and came across this line which I think is pretty awesome writing.

M TwinPower Turbo’s torque curve, or lack of curve, as it were. The torque “peak” of 502 pound-feet is more of a mesa, arriving just off idle at 1500 rpm and not fading until 5750 rpm,
2013 GT500- Grabber Blue/stripe delete, Base, Recaros,
1999 GT- Atlantic Blue, gears, exhaust, tires 13.6@100
1972 Mach 1- Med Lime Green Metallic, 351-4V, auto,
...if you want to compare performance numbers, well, the GT500 retains it's title of the highest hp, worst performing car in the world.
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Originally Posted by wnt2gofst View Post
You sound like a ricer comparing price. Its a family car and weighs 5000lbs.

It's also extremely fast and feels lighter than our cars when you are pushing it to it's limits. My boss has one and it is absolutely superb. Not my style, but insanely good and is solidly in my top ten cars I have ever driven.
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All have do is some searching. The new M5 is a top end car like most bmw's. And plenty vids of them pulling z06 on 60 rolls or being door to door with them.

from my S4 in your sisters bed
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