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Now I know what the people in my rear view are thinking
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Haha good reply. There are delusional people everywhere.
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Cool story. Now to wait for the response.

The human ego is a very strange and delicate thing. We all strive to be validated in some way. We are all lucky that we have such amazing cars, but those who aren't as fortunate have to settle for bragging instead. It's profoundly sad.

I have a high paying job (contract) that is ending in July, and so I am feeling really humbled right now whilst looking for my next contract. The job hunt is a very stressful and humbling experience, being judged and waiting around to be validated. In the past, I used my car for some harmless "put downs" on the highway only because I had the means to show off. Now that I am in a potentially vicarious financial position, I realize how temporary and delicate everything is. Your gains could be lost at any moment. Moral of the story is: be happy with your blessings, and let others do what they feel they must to feel good about their delicate circumstances.
If someone from the 1950s magically appeared, what would be the most difficult thing to explain?

"I have a device in my pocket that can access the entirety of knowledge known to man.
I use it to look at pictures of cars and have arguments with strangers."
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