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Um, ok. See ya.
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Just taking it for what it is man, it's just weird you put that out there after someone started a "no secret wave?" Thread a day or two ago

God bless you got the car you wanted and are happier, so why are you here fighting over something that our opinions don't matter?
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Alright, I'll bite.
1. I can't say the paint is excellent, seeing as how I have maybe one or two rock chips, but that is the risk you run when you drive a car on the highway. My folks have German and Japanese cars and if I was to go take a look at them right this instance, I am sure I would find the same thing.
2. Yes, down here in Houston they are nearly a dime a dozen and that does take away some of the special-ness of the Camaro. We don't have much of a winter, so the cars don't "hibernate" which adds to the air of mystique. I however, see the Camaro as a blank canvas for you to express yourself. I don't feel the need to modify to set myself apart. If I wanted a different car that no one else would have, I'd get either something really old, or something that rots on dealer lots along the lines of a Acura ZDX (picked due to the low sales volume, not an actual vehicle I would consider).
3. I haven't had any owner give me a wave either. I used to think that maybe it was because I am in my twenties and maybe they thought it was given to me by my parents. It is not. I am a working professional and as a matter of fact, my parents were vehemently opposed to me getting it. Then I thought maybe it was because I carried myself in a way that maybe made them think I wouldn't be receptive to a compliment? Then I came to the conclusion that some people just see this as a point a to point b car and don't consider it to be special in any way. Whatever the real reason may be, I do not feel the need to get rid of my car because my vehicle choice is not validated by other motorists on the road. Frankly, with how distracted our drivers are here in the US with all the in-car tech and ever increasing popularity of smart phones, I'd rather never receive a wave then have said driver cause an accident due to being focused on trying to get my attention.
I am glad you got a great deal on a 2007 vette with an LS2 V8 with 400hp. You are right it doesn't compare with a ZL1 with a LSA with 580hp and 3rd gen magnetorheological shocks. Don't get me wrong I like vettes, they are just not for me. They are sports cars and our (your former) cars are muscle cars.
Don't fault the Camaro for the actions and words of a few. I am sure some people would ask you why didn't you get a Z06, GS or ZR1. Its your car and you got your car bc that's what you wanted. In closing, enjoy your new car, it sounds like its a better fit for you anyways.
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Don't really understand if paint was that bad, why someone wouldn't use common sense and have it resolved under warranty.
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Congratulations on the Vette. Vette once upon a time was my dream car. I think that quality or lack there of will always be an issue. But I feel GMAC has come along way to address customer complaints. As far as the cars culture, I've seen douches in all makes. Pricing is a soar subject. But I agree with you the ZL1 and Z28 are not exactly attainable for the average Camaro owner.
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Originally Posted by Brettzel View Post
Until you hit something. Lol
Very true!

Originally Posted by MYDLIFECRISIS View Post
I'm glad you got behind a steering wheel that makes you happy! As for my SS, yeah, the paint isn't 100% perfect, and yeah, I was a bit upset at first, but I tell you what, this car looks stunning to all who look at it. Some people buy these cars and expect the quality of a Ferrari. Not saying that's you, but I've heard a lot of frustrated comments on the paint. This being said, good for you for doing what makes you truly happy. Me, I did the same...I bought the Camaro I wanted!
I didn't expect Ferrari quality. What did me in on the paint was the spoiler. Don't ever.....try to replace will make you cry. I just said, "Never mind, put it back on! PUT IT BACK ON!" Like it was a band aid covering a wound. It does hurt to see a car selling for 40,000 dollars and peeling after two years of sale. ridiculous. I don't see Sonics peeling. I don't see Genesis' peeling. I don't see Civics peeling! In the end you're right, it's all about what YOU want in a car. I wanted that stuff gone.
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It's all good. I wanted that 2010 Corvette Grand Touring 'vert at the dealer the day I bought my Camaro SS in late '09, but it was $70k. Now I am in a position to buy one but find that I am happy with my Camaro SS so....I'll keep it.

Nice Vette.
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Chevrolet Customer Svc

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Sorry to hear about the Camaro, but congratulations on your Corvette! I hope it brings you much satisfaction! Feel free to message us anytime with concerns and drive safe out there!

All the best,

William R.
Chevrolet Customer Care
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Glad your happy , The wave thing I do not get , Vette's are cool and fast and American made, more Detroit Muscle, GM , Its cool could've bought a ricer so it aint all that bad, Camaro people are cooler , You're now in the snobby club and officially OLD , haha JK
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The Vette will get pitted, trust me on that. Everyone drives different, and it sounds like your one of those guys. I don't care what car you drive, drive it hard and pits, and scratches follow..

I swapped my spoiler, guess what? No issues with my paint..

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I love my 2011 SS, and I do try to do the trinket things to make it my own. I am part of a Camaro group that gets together for coffee, a ride or whatever and I do get plenty of waves and I give them back and not just to Camaros. But the best thing I get is when I roll down a road or through town and it's not the wave from another car but the head turns, thumbs up at me or when I get gas I always get some sort of compliment on my car and after all beside the feeling I get from driving it that is what driving My SS gets me, proud ownership and a bad ass ride !
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007s 'Vert
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Good luck OP, I quess those are decent reasons, but that third one has me shackin my head in disbelief, I wave to others in Camaros, if they dont wave back then my life goes on, aint gonna use it as a reason to get rid of my car.
The Paint? I must have got a good copy! I drove 41000 in the last twenty months and it actually looks awesome to me still, (taking into account the two scrapes I put into it being a dumb@$$ and not whatching where and how I was parking) plus I drive a mile and a half everyday down a red Georgia clay dirt road, this car holds up WAY better than that POS Monte Carlo I use to have.
Sounds like you got a crappy unit when you bought your car, you did mention you bought it used so even though you have Carfax and other entities out there that inform you of what you are buying, they STILL are not very accurate because lots of times the last previous owner most likely had the car repaired on their own dime in order to save money somewhere pertaining to their insurance, and then just unloaded it onto a used car lot before someone noticed the issues.
I bought new and if there were any issues with my car, I know I would become a thorn in the side of the dealership until they took care of my car. If I bought my car used and found the things you found on yours then I really wouldn't blame it on the maker of the car, I would just chalk it up to the killer deal I made on the car buying it used, and would realize why I got it so cheap......just my two cents
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Congrats on the vette but that is a strange list to get rid of a car. Some vette owners wave most do not. They look just like every vette from 05-13 so there are just as many out there as any other car, more are being DD because you can snag them up cheap now. I would have chose a different color than a red corvette as that is the most common color. I would have gone LBM or DSM or AO to sorta stand out. Car shows are just like any other car show but worse with all corvette shows. Lots of 60+ people that cant talk cars and wont acknowledge any younger people. My vette club was a little different but they were a rare bread. I got tired of people asking me when my dad wants his car back. I was 26 at the time. My front bumper and fenders looked like somebody hit it with a sand blaster after a few years of owning it.

Let the modding begin
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Future mods
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Originally Posted by SSpartan117 View Post
You are right it doesn't compare with a ZL1 with a LSA with 580hp and 3rd gen magnetorheological shocks.
Since most places test the ZL1 in at 12.1-12.3 stock and a LS2 vette records 12.3-12.5 (on run flats by the way)......yup...I would say I am. Half the price too. Half a decade old technology as well. Also, the Z51 suspension puts it around Nurburg at a 7:59 (again with run flats). The ZL1 was a 7:41. Eighteen seconds less? The ZL1 has almost 200 more horses, a five year newer suspension, real sport tires, and was driven by one of the best race car drivers out there when it set that time. Over double the price....for 18 seconds on the nurburg. I find those close numbers to be comparable....
2011-Black LS3 2SS/RS-SOLD
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Maybe previous owner did not care for the finish properly? I don't have any of those 3 issues mentioned. Good luck with vette.
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Team Chevrolet
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I have both an '07 Z06 and an '11 SS, had the vette first and STILL wanted the Camaro 3 years later. As far as paint is concerned, the vette's does seem to be more durable, it might have something to do with the shape of both vehicles. I had an '05 GTO (black) before the vette, horribly fragile paint. The dealer authorized a one-time "Good Faith" repaint of the hood, bumper and front fenders. Before long, more damage accrued, I just dealt with it at that point. I still enjoyed driving her despite the paint issue, stroked motor, h/h/c, full Pedders, shifter, wheels and tires made me almost forget about the paint. I have a few nicks on the SS, but like the GTO, the current mods make it so much fun to drive that I don't even stress about the small blemishes. Never had my spoiler off so don't know what's happening back there. I doubt I'll ever check either...

Camaro's are becoming very common, but that was inevitable. There are far more Mustangs though. I have a few cosmetic upgrades that set mine apart, but even if I saw the exact twin of mine, wouldn't concern me at all. My neighbor's have vehicles that blend in with thousands of other cars trucks and SUV's, so I can't be concerned with another white/orange Camaro when there are so many black Explorers, blue Accords, silver Altima's, etc...

As far as the "Wave" thing, vette owners (almost) always wave, I sometimes get a wave from Camaro drivers too, but it's always been like that for Vette owners. Everyone has their own reasons for what they drive, enjoy your Vette, I definitely enjoy mine, but the Camaro also makes me smile in its own way. I wouldn't part with either one of them! For the record, folks that I've had at the crib seeing both rides seem to prefer the Camaro's looks to the Z, even though they know the Z will smash the SS, performance wise.
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If you've read my many posts you know I recently traded a 12' Grand sport, I've owned 10 of them since 1987, love them, will have another, but they have there problems also. Best of Luck to you & I'm sure we'll both be in a car waving at each other soon.
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