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The ZL1 will never ever be as valuable as that Chevelle. These 5th gen camaros will never appreciate in value the way that car will. There's simply no comparison between an original muscle car and a newer car of any kind. Those things were built like a tank compared to modern cars.

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Your choise,but i would not do it

First you have a all time beautiful car.Few are left that look this good.On the other hand remember when the 5th gen first came out high demand and people paying over msrp.same thing with the ZL1 first year demand was high with only apox 1900 ZLs made.second year around 8000 zls are made with Some selling under msrp and 2012 selling for around $ the Z-28 is coming out and then the 6th 2011 ss which i paid 3000 under msrp dropped in value 7500 first year.the same with my ZL.i love my car but you have a one of a kind the will only go up in value.
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It is entirely up to you. No one can tell you what to do or how to spend your money!! Except the wifey lol

Now, IMHO every time you think about selling the chevelle, slap yourself!! If you slap yourself ten times then upgrade to hitting yourself with a hammer, eventually you will forget about the ZL1 or be to afraid to think about it.
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Originally Posted by 3monkeys View Post
New rule: sweetie, if you want a new pair of shoes, you have to get rid of the old pair...
I actually have this rule in place with my wife! So far she is following it! BUT she has WAYYY too many shoes for me to mention.

Luckily she hasn't made me get rid of any cars (or car parts)!!

And to the OP- please keep that Chevelle! It is beautiful!
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Thank you everyone. I am going to keep the Chevelle. Will just have to start saving for the ZL1. I really appreciate all the advise from all angles.
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