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Originally Posted by jashobbsie View Post
91...i can get 93 but don't care to right now....
you've seen 93 up here? all i've seen is 94 at husky and petro
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93 octane here. Never anything less.
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Originally Posted by Stitch1618 View Post
Oh that's a good point ! thank you for sharing. I better stay at the 98> European octane levels . I see your no longer in Houston ?
yes sir. moved back to switzerland last november and the car arrived shortly after in january. Now i put 98 or 100 octane (RON) in my car... hehe

P.S. Are you on the german Camaro board too?
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Old 07-12-2013, 03:55 AM   #38
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We must be one of the few that drive ZL1's in the snow and ice ?
which German forum is that ? this is the only one i'm on
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Likely most of the black soot stories you have reading is due to those of us who have removed the exhaust solenoid fuse allowing the majority of the exhaust to bypass the mufflers. When you do this the outer tips get crazy black. I use 93 but here our gas has corn squeezins' in it. There is one ethanol free station around but it is 91.
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93 non-ethanol.
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