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Originally Posted by EFI View Post
Big stall converters helped to launch an N/A car (LS1, LT1) but it's not as necessary in a supercharged LSA.

Also they help with shift extension and flash points on 4 speed automatics that have only 3 usable gears that are spaced rather far apart. The 6 speed automatics have more usable gears spaced closer together, thus there is less need for stalls.

Not that a stall wouldn't help, but it's not as necessary with a 6 speed auto and gobs of torque from the engine.
Wise statement/post
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'12 ZL1 10.52@131 1.55 60' 2:13 VIR Full (sold)
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.5 sec improvement here with the 6L80e. .5-.7 with the 4L60e versions.
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big dave
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It's difficult to imagine this car not picking up at least .3 with the stall... and nothing else. I realize it's not a simple procedure, but I think the heavyweight ZL1 would really shine with the stall to take advantage of lsa torque.
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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
.5 sec improvement here with the 6L80e. .5-.7 with the 4L60e versions.
Who on this forum has seen a .5 improvement from a converter on a 6L80 /6L90?
Please come forward.
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I have a 3000 stall converter that flat woke up the acceleration when stock.Now that ADM has worked his magic on my ZL1 (750/800hp),i can at 45mph cruise,nail the throttle and leave 2 patches of rubber 20' long.
I have not run it at the strip yet even though i do have drag radials and 6" fronts that i havent tried yet.The spool up and acceleration is incredable.
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