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Go to a dealer. Take a kids seat with you. Try it.
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My 3 yr old rides back (tall 3 yr old) there with no problems, this was taken last yr

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Can't comment on fitting children seats but I've been able to fit myself who is 6'0" and 3 of my friends that are 6'2"+ and it wasn't horrible. They complained about head room, not so much leg room.
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I'm not tall, 5'8" and change, but the way I sit no adult will ever sit behind the driver seat. However, I'm convinced I can get my nephew in a booster back there. Planning on him in that seat, my mom in the passenger back seat(she's not tall at all) and my brother in front passenger seat to go to a car show next year. I feel confident it will work, but I'm never riding back there.

Climbed back there twice now to do some cleaning, could not actually sit up straight, head was crooked to the side.
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I have twin 9yr olds who ride in the back on boosters on a daily basis. Zero issues. They also rode in full car seats in this car a few years ago with no issues either.
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My ten year old daughter prefers the Camaro backseat over our suburban with captain chairs haha, she loves the exhaust!
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Not in mine!
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Its possible, but its not comfortable at all.

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I wouldn't recommend anyone sit back there for long periods of time..

I suppose it might not be bad for anyone who is 5'6" or under and skinny.

Mostly, our dog sits back there..
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Short people!
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Drunk people. They are always happy for the ride home and don't care how much they have to squeeze!
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Absolutely, while the taller they are the more complaints you will hear. That is one reason I had to get rid of mine. Me, g/f and her 2 kids (1 is 6' tall the other is 5'6" tall), They both complained about no room in back seat. It's possible for short trips, but not for long trips...forget it!!!!
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Originally Posted by Camaro_Corvette View Post
Go to a dealer. Take a kids seat with you. Try it.
That's what I did. I was worried about it too, so I took my kids to a local dealer and asked if we could all sit in it to see how it would work. I'm 6'3", and my 8 year old son was able to sit behind me, but not by much. He had about 2 inches between his knees and the back of the driver's seat.

Hopefully by the time the kids start getting too big for one of them to sit behind me when I'm driving, they'll be old enough to put one of them in the front and the other in the rear passenger side seat. Getting all 4 of us (including wife) in the car will be tough in a couple years. We're not expecting that the camaro will really be used as the "family" car though.
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Backseat is worthless, IMO!!!

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