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With envy
It's a Synergy thing..
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Official Wally's 2013 Photo Thread

A little back-story:
In 2012, we hosted an event; a gathering of Fifth Generation Camaros at Wally's Drive-In, in Buckley, Washington. It started as a spontaneous idea that we posted on Camaro5. With only two weeks lead time, we were surprised to see 25 cars show up on the day of the meet, including older generation Camaros, as well as other kinds of cars. But something unexpected happened: An amazing number of a statistically rare color, Synergy Green, showed up. Eight in all! Seven were present when group pictures were snapped. The photos soon circulated on the web, and were seen and commented on by people all around the world!

The response was so overwhelming, we decided to do it again this year. Only this time, we wanted to do it BIGGER! And this year, we wanted to make it mean something more than just a photo opportunity. So this year we decided to gather Synergy Green Camaros in support of Fisher House.
In case you're not familiar, Fisher House Foundation donates "comfort homes," built on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers. These homes enable family members of service men and women to be close to their loved one at the most stressful times - during the hospitalization for an unexpected illness, disease, or injury.
You can read more about Fisher House here:
We started months in advance this time, and gained help from a few people along the way. The fundraising aspect was something completely new to me, and without the help of others, I would have been completely lost. Soon we were getting offers of help from all over. The Fbodfather himself even put us in touch with GM for assistance with our efforts. All that remained was to wait and see how many showed up.
And show up they did! Our final best count was 67 Camaros (What a good Camaro number that is!). The Synergy Green Camaros alone numbered thirteen! At the end of the day we had raised nearly $1900 for The Fisher House Foundation, well exceeding our goal.
The day showed the Camaro community at it's best, and made me proud of the people I call friends. I wish to thank everybody that came out on Saturday. People came from as far away as Canada and Oregon. I'd like to thank all those that volunteered; it wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank's to Wally's and the Buckley Log Show for giving us a place to do this. And to all the people and companies that donated- THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

And if you couldn't make it and would still like to donate, you still can do so here:

Name:  W13 01.jpg
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I want to thank everybody that came out today and made this event a success.
As of right now, the total raised for Fisher House is $1884.90. Well above our goal of $1500! Not to mention we had a terrific turnout. The official count was 67. That's a great Camaro number!
And as for the Synergy Squadron:

As promised, we gained a few:

Name:  W13 00.jpg
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Yes, that's right, 13 SGM Camaros!

Before getting on to a sampling of pictures I took today, I just wanted to send a special thank-you out to the people who worked so hard to make this event come off without a hitch. I also want to thank all those who donated items, cash, or bought raffle tickets.
And a couple more thank-yous for the staff of Wally's, for working extra hard to keep us fed, and the Buckley Log Show Committee for allowing us the use of the Log Show Grounds.

Thank You All!

Name:  W13 02.jpg
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Name:  W13 03.jpg
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Name:  W13 06.jpg
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There's a touching story that goes with these pictures that I will save for another day. Let's just say this was one of the most important parts of the day for me.

Name:  W13 09.jpg
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Name:  W13 10.jpg
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Name:  W13 11.jpg
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Name:  W13 07.jpg
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It's a Camaro thing...
Not everybody who drives a Camaro "gets it"...But everybody that "gets it", drives a Camaro! -GG

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Dang! I totally missed this. I went but you all were gone by the time I was free
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Thank you Gary for putting this on and all those that helped you in this effort. It was very nice of you to think of the Veterans and have donations. Then to go to local and non-local Chevrolet Dealerships to help out on the raffle!!!! I had a great time thank you and all those that took the time to help!!!
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For some reason I always like more color... haha... I guess the days of old techna color...
Anyway I took your first picture and add more...
Attached Images
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Some more pics from the Wally's

Some more pics from the Wally's
Attached Images
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Older than I look....
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What a FUN day! Thank you Gary and Maggie for all of your hard work putting it together!
High Heels and Fast Wheels!!
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Stay thirsty my friends...
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A few of mine...
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In The Circle
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Just got in the door from Wally's meet. Had a great time. Big thanks to Envy and Dragonlady for all your hard work and hospitality. Work on getting pic's and video's up a bit later.

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The Legend Lives On
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Congratulations! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

Viva Las Vegas!
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In The Circle
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Here is a little video I put together. Enjoy!


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WoW... way to go. Nice donation too!!!
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I wish I could have made it, looks like it was fun.
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Lovin' it!
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Originally Posted by Merc View Post
Here is a little video I put together. Enjoy!

Thanks Merc. I never got a chance to visit/see/thank everyone for coming in person. Thanks again everyone for making this a stellar event!
A brief note of donors:
Chevrolet (GM)
XXX Rootbeer
Rosewood Photography
Sunset Chevrolet
Grey Chevrolet
Haselwood Chevrolet
Party Light
Pampered Chef
Sutton Family(would have been lost with out you!)
Jagnow Family(Thanks for all your leg work and starting the ball rolling)
Mya May(for so much more than just your generosity!)
Mike and SisterSue(for your constant support and stalking!)
Ladybugsmom(for those last minute pick ups!)
Cintax(for being our official counter)
Wally's(for giving us space and feeding us some awesome food!)
Buckley Log Show Committee (for a place for us to put all the Camaros)
And to all those private donations that helped us reach past our goal.Each and every one of you made this event a success and we are soooo thankful.
And Caddyrodger thank you for the hug!
Good friends don't let you do stupid things.....alone.....
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