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Angrybird 12
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Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
Amen to that. I nearly dent the quarter panels when I wash it!
I think it's about the same thickness as the paint, and we all know how thin that is...
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Glad your kids are OK and hope your wife will be back to 100% very soon.

On a side note, a buddy of mine worked on designing the air bag control modules for our cars. Most of his work was put into the 2010's though. We always joked that if I ever got into an accident and my airbag didn't go off. He would be the first one to get an angry call from me.

But as others have said it is a complex system and designed to react to impact very quickly. If it didn't deploy chances are the computer calculated that it was not necessary. And it would be a lot more expensive to fix if they would have.
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Man I know how it feels, Going to cost me 3000 to have mine fixed.
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Nine years as a collision investigator I would have to say that the collision does not look that serious (judging by the photos only). Hard to judge without seeing photos of any intrusion into the passenger compartment. If you have a friend on a local police department you can ask them to download the "black box" info and see what was going on. Since there was no deployment the data will only be there for a certain amount of ignition turns before it is overwritten.
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GM may choose to have TRW download the SDM (airbag module) info. It does record data when "an event" is recorded, even if the computer decided "the event" isn't enough to deploy the bags or belts. The report will contain some info on forward acceleration, lateral accel, roll angle, etc - but they will not give you the entire report, namely the conclusion pages. I can only deduce what GM really wants to pull the data for and not provide the entire report. Like some others have said, the data is overwritten after some number of ignition cycles. Good luck with the repairs.
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Originally Posted by fcatch76 View Post
I am not sue happy and just want to know if the bags should have deployed. The story is not being exaggerated or embellished. I will talk to Chevy about it but in the long run I still feel proud to own this car and feel it was built like a tank. I drove my car home, the hummer had to be towed by a flat bed. That's gotta say something for the I just hope it can be fixed...I don't want a different car, I want MY car.

And yes, the Windows were down, but the collision caused the glass to get through the door and onto the kids. Sunroof was open, did not shatter.

good to know the car my family travels in can withstand an impact from a really large vehicle..

I hope there are no long term injuries for your wife. My wife was in an accident in our '62 Nova (yeah..bummer) and her shoulder hit the side of the door, seemed like a bad bruise at the time, but 15 years later, that shoulder still gives her trouble.
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Number 3
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First, hope everyone recovers physically and emotionally a crash is rough no matte what. Simply tensing up from the impact and even anticipation of the impact can leave you sore for some time.

Angrybird has done all the research and posted what I would have posted. I've done Safety and Crashworthiness and there are so many factors that have to be considered. It isn't simply matter of being hit or hitting something. The sensors have to detect acceleration in the correct direction to deploy. Based on the peel of the door, it looks like it wasn't a direct side impact but a side hit from the front quarter. If a Hummer hit you pure side impact the damage would be across a much wider area of the side of your Camaro, likely wheel to wheel.

Also for those questioning the "American Steel", the door outer panel is pretty much decorative. What protects you is the door beam. This is typically a high strength or martensitic steel which is far stronger than the rest of the door sheetmetal alone could ever accomplish. It spans the hinges to the latch.

Modern cars are wonders for absorbing the energy of pretty severe crashes. Just watching a frontal or side impact test is pretty intense. Being involved in one is a completely different level.

Again, hope everyone is ok, but from what you described and what I see in the photo, I'm not surprised the SIAB did not deploy.
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The door panel was compressed against the dash and passenger seat. You can see the dash folded around the vent and you cant close the glove box. If you try to recline the seat you get lots of friction from the door panel. Of course the interior panel is separated from the outer so glass was everywhere, on my kids, in their seats, all over wife and some on me , but for me most was at my feet on the floor. It was definately something I will never forget.

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