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Angrybird 12
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When I had my Rally Yellow 2010 1LT coupe it seemed like every ricer in the area was buzzing me like a swarm of bees, now that I have the 2012 1LT Convertible it seems it attracts older BMW's and older Mustang GT's. Go figure...
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Originally Posted by GYac View Post
only once has someone tired to "race" me, this was a guy in a 13' shelby GT500 with a licence plate bracket that said 750hp, don't know if he had 750 horses but it would'nt have mattered. Why even waste the gas.
750 with the next sized pully. The can make over 800 actually on that stock blower.
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Originally Posted by 87GNX View Post
750 with the next sized pully. The can make over 800 actually on that stock blower.
They make 700whp with a pulley, tune and x pipe. Those things are ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by 87GNX View Post
Why I wonder...Mustang GT and 1LE should be a drivers race.
Exactly. The new GTs are 420 hp in a lighter car.

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Originally Posted by Fred 6528 View Post
For one, there is no way that mustang is stock. Two, if it really is, then the guy in the 1LE can't drive to save his life. It's modded with cam, CAI, and other upgrades? I've raced mustangs with a similar setup and blow them away. Something isn't right about this video.
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i couldve made a commercial for camaro a few weeks ago. driving down a 3 lane city street at night chatting to my gf, i rolled up to a stop light. just as i started slowing down i noticed it was me...and 5 other built terminators around me and no other cars! i looked at my gf and said "ohhh this is soooo on!" we pulled away and drove a little before one pulled up next to me. took a look ahead, no cars in sight...he hit it....and well , the commercial wouldve been pretty good! hehehehe. when ya mess with the bull ya get the horns , in front of your 4 buddies lol.
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Mr. Wyndham
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Originally Posted by chipset35 View Post
When I had my 2013 WRX, I would always have pick up trucks messing with me, and sometimes a BMW or Mustang.
The WRX is 300hp in a very light car....very fast.
Now that I have my 2014 1LE, not even the same Mustang GT owner who tried to mess with my WRX....will mess with me.
Saw him this morning and he behaved himself.
Notice the same you notice that people going slow in the left lane of the highway tend to get out of the way pretty quick, too?

...I will point out it's even worse with a ZL1....people in "fast" cars wouldn't even acknowledge me...unless they wanted to compliment and talk about it.
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