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Very bad door locking issue


I posted about this befor, but I thought I had fixed it. I was wrong (I think)..

Every now and then, after leaving work (nine hours on the lot), I come out and the car is unlocked. What can this be. I thought maybe it's my key fob getting hit in my pocket inside work, but I'm a few hundred feet away with walls in between. Is there a remote chance that someone else has a key fob that activates mine too? Now that I think about it, another coworker of mine has a new camaro too. He leaves two hours befor me. can this be it? Could his fob activate both of our cars? Has this been known to happen?

If this is the case, can the frequincy be changed on my car and fob?

If it's not that, what else could it be? I noticed there's a lot of locking options in the menu screen on the radio. I messed with those shortly after getting the car. COuld I have changed something that effects this?

I'm open to any ideas about this...
Sean W

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Odd issues. Goodluck
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talk to the guy with the other camaro and rule out that possibility first
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It is quite possible that his fob is also activating your door locks.
I would try to have the code reprogrammed if thats possible I have heard of this happening though.
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If he can unlock your camaro then you should probably be able to unlock his camaro. Give it a try and see what happens. I also read a story on here not to long ago of a camaro owner being able to do the same thing to like a subaru or something.
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This from the manual:

Programming Transmitters to
the Vehicle
Only RKE transmitters programmed
to this vehicle will work.
If a
transmitter is lost or stolen, a
replacement can be purchased
and programmed through your
dealer/retailer. When the
replacement transmitter is
programmed to this vehicle, all
remaining transmitters must also be
reprogrammed. Any lost or stolen
transmitters will no longer work once
the new transmitter is programmed

The way i read it another transmitter will not unlock your doors.

If you're using the fob to lock the doors maybe try the door before you walk away to confirm that it is indeed locked (if you haven't done already). Perhaps there is a problem with the lock actuator. Either way i would consider this not normal and take it to the dealer for service.
Delivered July 30 2009
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It's possible but unlikely two cars in the same geographic area have the same exact frequency. I have been amazed how far away my remote works, yes, even through walls. I tried it from the fifth floor of our office building and my car was a solid 500 (probably more) feet way in the parking lot and it worked.
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I know on some cars (maybe this one... cant remember), that the door will automatically unlock when the key FOB is within a certain distance to the car.

go out and have a friend stand by the car, lock it, walk a good distance away (similar distance as you would at work), wait a little, then walk back towards the car and have the friend watch the locks.
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It is impossible for your keys to unlock/lock each others vehicles unless both sets of keys were present at programming.

As per GM -

Due to the uniqueness of the Camaro ignition/door lock key, special equipment is required to cut a key. If you do not have the required equipment, a cut/coded key can be ordered through GMSPO. Refer to Corporate Bulletin Number 09-00-89-010 (Key Cutting Procedure for Obtaining Replacement Key) for additional information. The remote control transmitter and the key shank are not serviced separately.

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System and Operation
Important: The vehicle will ONLY lock the doors with the RKE transmitter, door key, IP door lock switch or manually operating the door lock with the driver's door closed. With the driver's door open, the locks will cycle locked then unlocked if attempting to lock the vehicle. Also note the doors will not lock with the passenger door open.

Important: For each vehicle, there is one flip key with an RKE attached to an RKE transmitter, one fixed key with a transmitter and one key for the glove box lock.

For vehicles without remote start, the RKE transmitter functions will operate at a distance of up to 20 m (65 ft) away. Vehicles with remote start will operate at a distance of up to 60m (195 ft) away. The RKE transmitter has the following functions:

• Lock -- Press this button to lock all doors. The driver's door will not lock if open.

• Unlock -- Press this button to unlock the driver door only or all doors. The unlock setting can be changed in the Vehicle Settings menu by using the audio system controls.

• Trunk -- Press and hold to unlatch the trunk.

An emergency trunk release handle is located just inside the rear pass-through and can be used to unlatch the trunk in case of battery failure.

• Remote Start -- This button will appear on the RKE if the vehicle is equipped with remote start. After you press the door lock button, you must press and hold the Remote Start button for about 2 seconds. When the vehicle starts, the parking lamps will light and remain on while the engine is running. The engine will continue running for 10 minutes. The remote start will not work under the following conditions:

- The vehicle's key is in the ignition.

- The vehicle's hood or door are not closed.

- The hazard warning flashers are on.

- There is an emission control system malfunction.

- The engine coolant temperature is too high.

- The oil pressure is too low.

- The immobilizer system indicates tamper.

- Two remote vehicle starts have already been used. The maximum number of remote starts or remote start attempts between ignition cycles with the key is two.

- The vehicle is not in PARK (P).

• Vehicle Locator/Panic Alarm -- Press and release the red button to locate the vehicle. The turn signal lamps will flash and the horn will sound. Press and hold the button to activate the alarm. The turn signals will flash and the horn will sound until the button is pressed again or the ignition is turned on.
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