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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
First, it also costs thousands to buy the V8. Second, it will be a unique car to have a v6 5th gen that can consistently beat the lighter 5.0.
QFT. When I was looking to buy my car, even used, it was about $8k more to get the same car with a V8. That buys a lot of get up and go, especially when the V8 insurance was substantially higher, and the fuel economy was what.. 25% worse? That makes a big difference in a daily driver budget.

That $8k would buy you an IPF supercharger and a set of headers that would put you faster than a stock SS, and hopefully into 5.0 territory.

The other thing to consider doing, is getting a set of lighter weight rims and tires. A set of 19" Nurburgrings and some Michelin Pilot super sports will shed 80 lbs of rotating mass from the car and give you a lot more grip than the stock Pirelli's. That should make a substantial difference.

If you do go for it, makes sure you have fun with it!
Mods so far:
MRTv2 Exhaust
275 / 40 / 20 Continental ExtremeContact DW's on all corners

Next up:
Magnaflow Resonated X-Pipe (Purchased but not installed)
EBC Redstuff street pads
Carbotech XP8 / XP12 track pads
1LE Track Pack

Note: This car built by JDP Motorsports!
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Originally Posted by bluebeastsrt View Post
Just curious? About how much do you think you have in your build total? Reason I ask is I had about 27K into a SRT-4 that would trap almost 122 thru the 1/4. so cheaper cars can be made to perform with the V8s.
I am probably at about the price of a ZL1. What's made it expensive is we have to develop just about everything from scratch because there is no aftermarket.

It is true, if you really want to go fast on a budget buy an old Chevy II or Fox Body and slap a big motor in'll go fast for cheap. The hard part is making a streetable 5th Gen go takes some money and time.
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But to say to a Mustang owner. it's a V6, the look on his face would be pricelessss. Win or just to come close.
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