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Leaking brakes isn't normal. The fluid doesn't seep past the threads.

The bleed screw is hollow and has a tapered end. The taper is what seals the bleed port from leaking. When you open the bleed screw, the fluid takes the path of least resistance which is through a hole above the taper that connects to the center hollow part of the bleed screw.

If you're seeing fluid on the caliper in the vicinity of the bleed screw, it's getting past the taper and out the top of the bleed screw. It may appear to be coming from the threads once it weeps down the bleeder, but it's going to take the path of least resistance which is through the center of the bleed screw, not the threads.

You've either over-tightened and damaged the bleed screw and/or the caliper, or you're not tightening them enough.

One other remote possibility is, if you recently bled the brakes, residual fluid left in the bleed screw is weeping out past the cap when it gets hot enough on the track days.
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Originally Posted by cornerspeed92 View Post
Ok so the bleeder valve isn't loose.This happens after most track sessions.This has happened 3 times on the drivers side,and once on the passenger side.I went to the dealer,and my service manager seems to think that im getting my brakes so hot that the bleeder valve distorts just a hair,and the fluid comes out under immense pressure.Now i am brutal on my brakes,i brake late and hard,and i know my brakes are freaking hot.My dealer is one of the good ones,and he told me to set up my GoPro inside the wheel well,he wants to see how red my rotor is getting.He wants to send the video to GM and say what are we going to do about this.He even says the 1LE is marketed as "A TRACK READY CAR" so any informed brake guys know whats going on here?

I got a call from my service manager yesterday. I talked to my service manager a couple weeks ago,and he sent this pic into his contacts at GM. Long story short, they ordered me new calipers,and GM wants these back,they seem to be taking this seriously.
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